BlackBerry recently announced its acquisition of mobile technology company Movirtu, a U.K. start-up whose software allows users to have multiple phone numbers on the same device.

Thursday BlackBerry announced it was buying Movirtu Ltd, a U.K. start-up which pioneered software that allows users to have both business numbers and personal numbers multiple phone numbers on the same device. Financial Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2008, London-based Movirtu makes a Virtual SIM technology that allows multiple numbers — such as a business number and a personal number — to be active on a single device, with separate billing for voice, data, and messaging use on each number. The Movirtu acquisition appears to be another big step towards making it easier for businesses to offer a BYOD strategy, potentially giving BlackBerry a huge leg up in the hotly contested enterprise market. BlackBerry pioneered smartphones, but lost share to Apple and a slew of android-powered phones. Movirtue addresses ket technical issues in today\’s BYOD-enabled environment.

The acquisition comes after BlackBerry’s acquisition of voice and data encryption service Secusmart. The company also recently updated its BBM messaging service to add Protected, an additional layer of encryption for highly security-conscious organizations like banks, governments, law firms, and healthcare providers.

BlackBerry said the acquisition addresses the growing BYOD phenomenon. Along with its recent acquisition of SecusSmart, BlackBerry\’s acquisition of Movirtu plays upon its strategy of providing secure devices and managing mobile devices for its core corporate and government clients. The acquisition also gives the company a huge competitive advantage and a strong grip in the BYOD segment of the marketplace.