MySQL consulting and service firm Percona announced that it has acquired Tokutek, a high-performance MongoDB distribution and NoSQL specialist. Percona said it acquired Tokutek to strengthen its expertise in NoSQL and to improve support for non-relational database technologies. 

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed , but Percona said that Tokutek customers will continue to receive care services for the duration of their existing contracts. According to Percona, the deal will position the company to offer full range of consulting and technology services to support MySQL and NoSQL market.

Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO of Percona, said in a statement: “This acquisition delivers game-changing advantages to our customers,” and added that: “By adding a market-leading, ACID-compliant NoSQL data management option to our product line, customers finally have the opportunity to simplify their database decisions and on-going support relationships by relying on just one proven, expert provider for all their database design, service, management, and support needs.” 

John Partridge, president and chief executive of Tokutek said in a statement that: “Percona has a well-earned reputation for expert database consulting services and support. With the Tokutek acquisition, Percona is uniquely positioned to offer NoSQL and NewSQL software solutions backed by unparalleled services and support. We are excited to know Tokutek customers can look forward to leveraging Percona services and support in their TokuMX and TokuDB deployments.” 

Tokutek offers its own distribution of MongoBD, called TokuMX, which the company pitches as a drop-in replacement for MongoDB, but unlike MongoDB it supports multi document ACID-compliant transactions (20 times performance improvements and 90 percent reduction in database size) and multi-version concurrency control. Percona said, TokuMX addresses MongoDB’s technical issues with default transactional consistency, concurrency, memory consumption and performance under load.

By acquiring Tokutek, Percona also gets the exclusive global license for the Fractal Tree Index, a set of technologies developed by MIT, Stony Brook and Rutgers university. The company claims that this tech can improve database performance up to 50 times over the traditional B-tree indexing that’s we found in stock MySQL and MongoDB.