Fidelis Cybersecurity has acquired privately-held security firm Resolution1 to provide advanced protection. Resolution1 delivers real-time insight and analysis and automated response and remediation of security incidents, enabling companies to more rapidly and effectively find and eliminate threats at the endpoint device. Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions is a privately-held security company owned by investment firm Marlin Equity Partners. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

Resolution1, whose core product is the Resolution1 Platform for advanced threat defense solution, was spun out of security company AccessData in November 2014. Fidelis said Resolution1 provides a platform that Fidelis team can use to operationalize host-based threat intelligence on enterprise endpoints as well as a tool that the Fidelis Network Defense and Forensics team can use in both proactive assessment and reactive incident response.

Peter George, CEO Fidelis Cybersecurity, said in a statement that: “We have joint customers, and they all excited about the combination the combination of the companies and solutions that offer protection, detection and incident response across the network to all endpoints.” And also added this:”Resolution1\’s continuous, automated incident response for endpoints and Fidelis XPS\’ real-time detection and prevention on network threats deliver a powerful combination of advanced protection, analytics and data theft protection for our customers.”

Fidelis Cybersecurity is a Waltham, MA-based cybersecurity company that focused on prevention of advanced threats and data breaches. It customers include IBM, the US Army and the US Department of Commerce. The company provides network security appliances, which include the company\’s patented Deep session Inspection architecture. The company\’s flagship product, called Fidelis XPS, is an advanced threat defense platform which is recognized by the industry experts as highly effective and reliable when it comes to detecting and preventing not only initial malware infections, but also subsequent spread of malware within organizations and information theft. Fidelis complements this security platform with an elite security incident response team

Under the deal, the current Resolution1 team will join and become part of the Fidelis Management team, led by Fidelis CEO Peter George.

Image Credit: CrowdStrike