Storage vendor Drobo has been acquired by an investment group comprised of technology executives, separating the storage company from its parent company Connected Data. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

Mihir Shah will take the role of CEO at Drobo, responsible for leading the storage company fater its split with its parent company Connected Data. Mihir Shah, which also served as managing director of Corporate Development and Strategy at Brocade, is currently listed as chief executive of BlueFin Technologies. 

Drobo, makers of easy-to-use desktop and data center storage arrays, will continue to offer its complete portfolio of storage arrays following the deal. Drobo, originally called Data Robotics, merged with Connected Data in 2013. 

Mihir Shah, the upcoming CEO at Drobo, said in a statement: \”Drobo is at an exceptional point in its growth and execution strategy\”, and added this: \”Its simple-to-use technology, market adoption and brand recognition make Drobo a very compelling investment opportunity. I anticipate continued rapid growth for Drobo as we engage our escalated execution and expansion strategy for 2015 and beyond.\” 

Founded in 2005 by Geoff Barrall (founder and CEO of Connected Data), Drobo is a family of external storage devices for computers. The company\’s devices are primarily designed to allow installation and removal of hard disk drives without requiring manual data migration and downtime. It changed its name from Data Robotics in 2011 since the familiarity with the Drobo brand name (which is the name of its product line) has far exceeded its original name Data Robotics.

Since 2013, The San Jose-based storage company has achieved numerous milestones including a complete overhaul of the original Drobo product line and dramatic performance improvements in all classes of products. Drobo also extended its patented BeyondRAID storage software to accommodate solid-state devices and cloud storage integration. In addition, the company also made a partnership with Barracuda Network. 

Image Credit: Drobo

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