Kurion Acquires Oxford Technologies, A Remote Handling System Developer

Kurion Inc., a leading nuclear and hazardous waste management company, has acquired UK-based Oxford Technologies, a premier UK robotics and remote systems company. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

William Gallo, CEO Kurion, said in a statement: “Oxford Technologies is the perfect complement to Kurion’s robotics team”, and also added that: “Oxford Technologies’ suite of technologies, client base and team of more than 60 highly skilled engineers and project managers will augment the Kurion team and provide an established base of operations for our continued expansion in Europe. The synergy of the two companies will accelerate Kurion’s growth.”

Founded in 2000 and based in Abingdon, UK, Oxford Technologies is a world-leading developer of remote handling systems for hostile environments. It specializes in full-cycle remote handling systems, complex plant assembly, and radiation-hardened systems. The company develops remote handling systems for hostile environments- nuclear decommissioning, nuclear fusion, space, and high energy physics. The company also delivers remote handling systems for the operations and maintenance of fusion reactors, including the high-profile international nuclear fusion reactor ITER in France.

Following the acquisition, Matthew Cole, director of Kurion’s Robotic System and Service, will relocate to the UK to oversee and lead the company’s global remote systems operations. Bernard Haist, an engineering director, will be the new director for Oxford Technologies team in the UK, Haist will report to Matthew Cole.

Additionally, Dr. Alan Rolfe, co-founder and managing director of Oxford Technologies, will retire following the acquisition but he will remain available as a consultant for Oxford Technologies.

The deal follows the recent announcement from Kurion and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory about the completion of the GeoMelt® In-Container Vitrification system.

Founded in 2008, Kurion creates technology solutions to access, separate and stabilize nuclear and hazardous materials and to isolate them safely from the environment for a cleaner future. The company’s suite of technologies and engineering capabilities offer a platform to address the needs of the most-challenging nuclear and hazardous sites worldwide. Currently, the company operates eight facilities across California, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and Texas. In addition, it also has subsidiaries in Warrington, UK, and Tokyo, Japan.

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