Microsoft has acquired Palo Alto-based Metanautix, a big data analytics firm that specializes in helping large enterprises filter through their hordes of in-house data. Financial Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded by Theo Vassilakis and Toli Lerios in 2012, Metanautix was launched in September 2014 after raising $7 million in funding and after two years in development. Metanautix offers technology that use an analytics engine to comb structured and unstructured data using SQL. The startup provides its technology to large enterprises wishing to pool its myriad of data sources from across divisions, covering databases and business systems, to glean meaningful insights. It’s cost-effective because it’s reduce the need for expensive movement of data into a centralized system.

Metanautix’s solution integrates data across traditional data warehouses (which include Oracle, TeraData, SQL Server, etc.), open source NoSQL databases (which include MongoDB and Cassandra) and business systems such as and other on-premise sources. Once it’s aggregated, enterprises can use SQL, the most widely used data query language, to query the resulting data pipeline in order to get meaningful insights.

Theo Vassilakis, Co-Founder Metanautix, said in a blog post: “Metanautix started out with the vision to integrate the data supply chain by building the Quest data compute engine that enables scalable SQL access to any data”, and also added this:  “Three years in, we can take this work to the next level by joining forces with Microsoft. We look forward to being part of Microsoft’s important efforts with Azure and SQL Server to give enterprise customers a unified view of all of their data across cloud and on-premises systems.”

Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Data Group, said in a blog post: “The (Metanautix) solution can integrate data across traditional data warehouses like SQL Server, Oracle and Teradata; open source NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra; as well as business systems like and wide array of other cloud and on-premises data stores”, and also added this:  “Key to Metanautix’ approach is making a wide variety of data query-able by SQL, the most widely used data query language – at speed and high scale.”

Microsoft didn’t give too many information as to how Metanautix’s technology will work with Microsoft, but it did reveal that it has plans to roll Metanautix’s technology into products like SQL Server and Cortana Analytics Suite. Metanaux is the latest in Microsoft’s long list of acquisitions, the software company has made almost 20 acquisitions this year.

The Metanautix deal is another big step in Microsoft’s strategy to offer enterprises powerful analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. By providing access to these advanced capabilities, Microsoft hopes to draw more users and businesses into its Azure Cloud platform. In addition, the startup is also one of the Workday’s venture investments.