National Credit Center (NCC), a leading national provider of comprehensive solutions and credit data to thousands of automotive dealers, has acquired Las Vegas-based technology firm AimLogic. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AimLogic’s proprietary technology assists auto dealer with highly targeted predictive analytics. AimLogic provides automotive dealers with specific information enabling them to connect with potential customers. Its predictive technology suite, LogicTargeting, mines hundreds of thousands of car buyer attributes from more than 80 million households across the country. Data sources include social media profiles, online buying habits, search activity, entertainment preferences and a wide range of public and search activity. Using this information, AimLogic creates predictive analytics, resulting in profiles of potential of potential auto clients with the highest propensity to purchase a new vehicle.

Scott Biondo, AimLogic’s Vice-President, Product Marketing, said in a statement: 
“AimLogic’s proprietary technology was specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive dealers looking to zero in their sales efforts on potential customers that are most likely to buy a new vehicle in the near future.” 

Jevin Sackett, Chief Executive Officer of NCC parent company Sackett National Holdings (SNH), said in a statement: 
“NCC’s acquisition of AimLogic, and the disruptive technology the company has developed, marks a significant step forward in NCC’s evolution as an automotive industry leader nationwide,” Sackett said. “The innovative–and proprietary–suite of technological solutions AimLogic will provide to our auto dealership clients is unmatched, and will prove to be a vital tool for dealers seeking to target their sales efforts to the most likely potential customers in their region.” 

Sackett National Holdings, Inc. (SNH), parent company of National Credit Center (NCC), is a leading provider of information, technology and data services.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, National Credit Center (NCC) provides an unrivalled suite of credit reporting services, compliance solutions and lead generating tools designed exclusively for the automobile industry. The company’s products include a web-based credit reporting tools, compliance solutions including Red Flag, Risk-based Pricing Notice, Fraud detection, Adverse Action Notification and EZAPP, and NCC’s cloud-based lead generation software.

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