Pivotal, a company that sells cloud and big data software and offers agile software development services, has acquired Neo, a small independent software development agency. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.The deal is deeply aligned with Pivotal\’s Agile software development and Lean Startup methodologies.

Neo is Pivotal’s third acquisition in just two months, following CloudCredo, a London-based Cloud Foundry software provider, and Slice of Lime, a Colorado-based digital design firm specializing in user experience. 

Image credit: LinkedIn

Stacey Schneider, Pivotal’s Managing Editor, wrote in a blog post: 
The Pivotal Labs approach has had a strong influence on Neo from its very inception. Neo is deeply aligned with Pivotal’s Agile software development and Lean Startup methodologies,” and also added this: “Their results-driven approach emphasizes experimentation helping clients define, design, and build product by testing it in-market to create true customer value.”

Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, Neo is a small independent software development agency. Neo has offices in New York and Singapore. Clients include Adobe, AT&T, eBay, Singapore’s federal government, and Time Inc. Its founder, Ian McFarland, has spent seven years at Pivotal Labs (acquired by data storage firm EMC in 2012) as principal and vice president of technology.

The company posted a message in their website: “When Neo began, our goal was to push the envelope for how lean startup, cross-functional teams, and agile could be combined for better results. Over the last several years, we accomplished a lot, not just for our clients, but also in how people thought about innovation. However, we recognized that a bigger platform was needed for the kind of impact Neo hoped to achieve.”  

Founded in 1989 and based in San Francisco, Pivotal Labs is an American software company that provides software and services for the development of custom applications for data and nalytics based on cloud computing technology. A spin-out and joint venture of data storage giant EMC and virtualization giant VMware, Pivotal has been at the forefront of agile development software for more than two decades building reliable, scalable software for innovative industry leaders and emerging companies. 

The company has already worked with some of the most innovative companies in the market today, which include Twitter, Salesforce.com, Groupon, TaskRabbit and EMI. In addition, Pivotal is also the company behind award-winning project management tool Pivotal Tracker.