Advantix, a global provider of mobile and telecom lifecycle management, has acquired BlueKloud, an IoT (Internet of Things) technology company. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The deal will create new service offering and solutions. 

BlueKloud, a member of the IBM Watson ecosystem, is an IoT (Internet of Things) technology company that allows organizations and companies to track any device with beacons while linking in related information from their existing surrounding systems. 

Image credit: Zircom

Bryan Merckling, CEO of BlueKloud, said in a statement: 
By hardening this new IoT technology for the enterprise, we are going to shape a new way for companies to understand their business. Technology to manage assets for optimum efficiency has historically been out of reach for most companies. Something as simple as finding a ventilator in a hospital, for example, now becomes a real time visual of where it is, when it was last maintained, who was it last used by and is it providing optimum value for the hospital. In addition, we are proud to be a member of the IBM Watson Ecosystem which will allow all of those questions to be answered and much more.”

Nathan Brown, COO of Advantix, said in a statement:
“With the addition of BlueKloud, it allows us to continue our commitment to our customers to always provide innovative solutions for their success.”

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Advantix Solutions Group is a global provider of mobile and telecom lifecycle management. The company offers premium mobile and fixed telecommunications lifecycle management solutions to a wide range of enterprise, from startups to publicly traded companies across multiple industries.