Modernization experts PITSS recently surveyed more than 100 CIOs, CTOs, architects, and developers on their confidence and strategies for the future of their legacy Oracle Forms-based applications. 

According to the results of their confidence report “The Future of Legacy Oracle Applications,” 88% of respondents believe that “modernizing legacy Oracle system is critical to addressing emerging digital business requirements.”

To meet this growing demand for modernization leadership, PITSS has launched a full month of modernization readiness training called the Modernization Readiness Boot Camp.

Every business day throughout November, they’re publishing a new tool, strategy, article, or in-depth analysis, all aimed to help organizations prepare for digital transformation project.

This month-long educational sprint is intended for technical leads all the way up to director level and decision makers of small, mid-size, and larger organizations in every industry.  
The Modernization Readiness Boot Camp began Nov. 1 and new content will be released every business day through Nov. 30.

“We aim to provide value in each of our tools and insight,” says Anna Daugherty, digital marketing manager for PITSS. “At the end of this sprint, we want IT professionals to be able to identify their organization’s challenges, opportunities, and overall legacy modernization readiness.”

Technology professionals can sign up to get immediate access to the free month-long modernization sprint here:

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