Big news for Kubernetes and DevOps, Kasten, the cloud-native data management startup has just emerged from its stealth mode. The company made the big announcement at this year’s KubeCon event, where it announced its new enterprise IT product and new open source project.

According to the company’s press release, Kasten emerges from its stealth mode to reinvent data management for enterprise IT. At this year’s KubeCon event, the company finally introduced to the enterprise world its new K10 platform, which uses a novel application-centric approach to enable enterprises to meet strict compliance requirements around container-based applications that run on the public as well as private Kubernetes deployments.

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In addition to its K10 platform, the startup also introduced to the enterprise world a new open source project called Kanister, which, according to its press release, provides an extensible framework for application-level data management.

About Kasten K10
It\’s no doubt, many of today’s IT organizations and companies are still struggling with the data management issue they faced while working with stateful applications in containerized computing environments. Most of them are having some problems on the stateful workloads areas, which make up a significant portion of the enterprise applications today. Fortunately, Kasten got some answer for all these data management challenges

The company addresses these issues with one big idea, a unique application-centric data management platform called K10. Based on the company’s press release, the company claims that its K10 is a DevOps-focused and developer-friendly enterprise tool. Some of its key features include a robust application-centric data protection, a unified view or monitoring of data management operations across applications in a cloud-native computing environment, policy-driven automation, and a foundational mechanism for moving enterprise data and performing data manipulation.

As for the product availability, Kasten K10 is currently available on market. Enterprise customers could get more about this new enterprise data-focused product by visiting Kasten website. Kanister, the newly announced open source project, is now available for download at GitHub

About the newly emerged startup, Kasten
Founded in January 2017 and based in Los Altos, California, Kasten is a cloud-native data management company that specializes in the areas of cloud storage, distributed systems, and Kubenetes. The startup plans to reinvent the data management platform for today’s cloud-native infrastructure for the purpose of empowering enterprise IT and developers to easily create, deploy and manage container-based applications.

Kasten is backed by well-known executives from Amazon, Google, and social networking giant Facebook. It also funded by some well-known Silicon Valley angel investors. These include Osmeta founder Amit Singh, serial entrepreneurs Dan Dobberpuhl and Amarijit Gill.

The company was founded by Niraj Tolia (Kasten CEO) and Vaibhav Kamra ( Kasten VP of Engineering), both bring deep technical experience and expertise in the field of container technology, cloud storage, and Kubernetes. In addition to their works on Kasten, the two also held senior leadership positions in the past years. These include companies like Microsoft, Dell EMC, HPE, and Maginatics, which acquired by EMC.