Bergen Airport is following the example of its Avinor sister airports, Oslo and Stavanger, by implementing BlipTrack queue management technology to eliminate wait time guesswork, optimise resource utilization and improve the passenger experience.

Bergen, Norway & Vodskov, Denmark, January 9, 2018– Bergen Airport, Norway´s second busiest with over 6 million passengers annually, has adopted the BlipTrack queue management solution to accurately measure and predict how many people are standing in line and for how long. The detailed, minute-by-minute measurements and prediction insights will help the airport to better comply with service level agreements and minimise queue build-up, to ensure that passengers have an optimum airport experience.

“We want to make traveling easier for our passengers. The implementation of BlipTrack will help to ensure that passengers experience a quick and easy passage through this stage of the journey, and significantly increase the opportunity for a positive experience throughout the airport,” says Øystein Skaar, Airport Director at Bergen Airport.

BlipTrack will provide the airport, which recently opened a new terminal with capacity for up to 10 million passengers a year, with both live and empirical data insights on passenger queue and dwells times. It will enable the airport to monitor queue line density at the security checkpoint, allowing management to respond promptly and effectively to irregular operations and disruptions, for example by opening additional lines. In addition, the airport plans to share the wait time information with the passengers, as in Oslo Airport, which will reduce stress levels associated with queuing by creating realistic expectations.

Bergen Airport New Terminal Indoor   Image Credit: Blip Systems

“With the new installation at Bergen Airport, BlipTrack has proven to be an effective platform to provide visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency and improved passenger experience. We look forward to continuing to be part of Avinor´s ongoing plan in having Europe\’s most progressive and service-minded airports,” says
Preben Andersen, Sales Manager at BLIP Systems.

The solution at Bergen will consist of-Fi device-detecting sensors, which will be placed around the security process.By identifying the devices as they pass multiple sensors, specific and accurate statistical information, such as queue times, dwell times and movement patterns, becomes available, without requiring active interaction from passengers.

Bergen Airport is not the only one ensuring that passengers will experience hassle-free passage; more than 25 international airports are reaping the benefits of the BlipTrack technology, including New York, Dublin, Cincinnati, Dublin, Birmingham, Brussels, and Geneva. The solution is not only confined to airports, it is also employed in road traffic optimisation efforts in Bangkok, Zürich, Portsmouth, Port of Dover, Stockholm, and Aarhus. In recent years, it has even been rolled out in train stations, ski resorts, amusement parks and at events all over the world.

About Avinor:
Avinor is responsible for the 45 state-owned airports and air navigation services for both civilian and military aviation in Norway. This network links Norway together and links Norway to the world. Avinor is a driving force in environmental sustainability and reducing the combined greenhouse gas emissions from Norwegian aviation. The company plays a leading role in the development and delivery of biofuel for aircraft. Every year Avinor contributes to safe and efficient travel for around 50 million airline passengers, around half of whom travel to and from Oslo airport.

About BLIP Systems/BlipTrack:
BLIP Systems, founded in 2003, is a business intelligence company owned by Gentrack Ltd, a provider of operations, revenue, passenger flow and concession data management software to over 135 airports worldwide. Gentrack´s BlipTrack, Airport 20/20, and CA+ solution suite are engineered to connect and unlock the value of airport data and provide the real-time insight busy airports need to run a more efficient operation, uncover new growth opportunities and build an outstanding traveler experience.

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