The drone world is getting a new drone delivery system. The latest addition came from a Palo Alto-based startup MANNA Robotics. The US-based startup last week introduced to the world a new drone delivery system.

MANNA CEO Eric Smalls started the project five years ago when he envisioned a new robotic delivery plan that would integrate several technologies into one workable system. According to CEO Eric Smalls, the goal of the project is to build and program a drone, which will result in a new payload delivery system.

Image Credit: Richard Unten/Wikimedia Creative Commons

The CEO also added that his company will develop an app that will allow users to track and even confirm their payload delivery. And if everything goes well according to plan, the company will also build an entire swarm of drones and expand to many applications, the CEO said.

The Palo Alto-based company has made significant steps to boost the development of the new delivery system. The company has already raised $400,000 in fresh capital via an initial crowdfunding offering. It’s now looking for another next round of funding.

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About the new drone delivery system
The new drone delivery system will use DJI and Skysense UAV technology to provide instant deliveries to customers in the Silicon Valley area, and later, across the globe, the company claims. The company’s core technology, Skyways, creates an Unmanned Traffic Management system. The technology also integrates apps such as 4-D racing platform Zoom, aerial photography suite Candid, surveying apps Blossom (agriculture) and Inspector (public safety).

In addition to the new drone delivery system, the company is also developing a blockchain-based coin (also known as MANNA), which will be called as Universal Postage Stamp.

The company posted a blog that briefly describes the new system. In the recent blog post, the company said that the new system will use the new blockchain-based coin to facilitate transactions in a decentralized delivery network.

The company also claims that the new blockchain-based coin (MANNA) will provide a single unifying protocol for sending and receiving physical mail, unlike email which generally requires intense requirements to complete a certain transaction. Additionally, the new blockchain-based coin or MANNA can be used to allow more secure payload deliveries. Product – MJX Bugs 6 Racing RC Drone Brushless Motor 2.4G 4CH Dron Quadcopter RTF Flying Remote Control Helicopter with LED Light