Why Does “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” Error Happens on iPhone/iPad
Although Apple’s official means for installing applications on iDevices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) is via the App Store, there are times when some users have to install apps outside of the App Store. This is mostly because there are some apps not allowed in the Store because they do not meet Apple’s terms and conditions. These apps may come from Xcode, Cydia Impactor, or other third-party websites, and they will bring up the popup message that states “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.”

This is to indicate that these apps are not trusted by Apple, and therefore users who want to install the apps, are solely responsible for the installation. Most of the time, these apps are rarely risky for your iPhone/iPad.

How to Fix “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” Error on iPhone/iPad
When this error message shows, this means you need to trust the app, before you can use it on your iDevice. We’ll give you detailed steps on how to fix the iPhone Untrusted Enterprise Developer error message on iOS 9/10/11/12.

Steps to Fix “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” Error on iOS 9/10/11/12 Devices
Step 1. When you download a third-party app, do not launch it immediately.
Step 2. Navigate to “Settings” on your iDevice, then to “General Settings.”
Step 3. Click on “Profiles” or Profiles & Device Management.


Step 4. You will see the developer’s profile under the Enterprise App log. Click on “Trust” on the profile to establish trust for the developer.


Step 5. Click to confirm your choice when prompted. Once you trust this profile, you can easily install other apps from the same developer without encountering any problems (except until you click the “Delete App” button, removing all apps by the developer).  

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