No matter what regulations torrent sites are facing, the number of users is constantly booming. Everyone seems to be using torrent sites for various reasons. As a reaction, torrent sites are also increasing to ‘cater’ to this increasing number. So, there are plenty of options still available for Mac users and you can benefit from each one of them. But not every website is good enough, right? Well, you don’t need to sweat all day in search of a good torrent site, because we have just done it for you. Here you go, enjoy.


1. Apple Torrent
Have you ever used the Mac App Store? Of course, you have. But have you ever used the second Mac App Store? AppleTorrent is the second one. It has got all the games you love and also the apps. Their collection is great. They are working hard to become the best and I’d say they are doing great so far.

2. Mac Torrents
Mac gamers will probably be familiar with this site. It’s famous for its separate tab for all the games that are available on Mac. There are some pretty nifty features this site offers which can be fully used once you make an account on it. There’s also an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) portion in case you feel lost on the site.

3. 7 Tor
This site is for movie lovers. All those people who love movies, seasons, documentaries, and stuff like that; this site is for you. This site offers you a unique and diverse video category where you can choose between theatre, foreign movies, Hollywood and seasons, etc.

4. Torrent4all
Want to watch that movie about your favorite actor but can’t remember its name? Torrent4all has this sorted out for you. You can search for movies by actors and find the ones they have starred in. Plus they have a wide variety of movie stuff, so you are most likely to find the movie you were looking for.

5. Arena BG
This torrent site is going to be loved by non-native English-speaking people who love English movies. It has a vast range of films as well as seasons plus it provides dual audio with them. In this way, people can watch English masterpieces in their preferred dubbed audio.

6. Rutracker
This site offers a vast number of torrents. Before downloading, it shows you what files and contents a torrent link contains. In this way, you can have a peek into what you are going to download into your Mac and be sure whether it’s legitimate or not.

7. Katcr
Another torrent search engine and database which is not all about just movies, seasons and documentaries, etc. It also has a huge number of games for Mac for you to explore.
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8. Extra Torrents
ExtraTorrents is one of the largest torrent websites. It offers a significant amount of movies, apps, and software for Windows and a special section with Mac torrents.

9. Pirateiro
Another site that offers a very refined and specific search for torrents so you can get what you are looking for in less time. It offers categories to choose from; like films, TV movies and shows, web series and others.

10. Piratebay 3
Do you know about the famous Piratebay? Piratebay 3 is its twin brother. It goes ahead in refining your search by adding the “audio” category in the searches, allowing you to search for audio content like songs and podcasts. And not to mention, it also has regular categories for your search activities.

Which is your favorite Mac torrent site? Please answer in the comments below.