How to Fix “iPhone Won’t Stay Connected to WiFi

1. Try Another Device
Probably you\’ve tried this as the beginning step when your iPhone won\’t stay connected to WiFi. But if you haven\’t, we recommend you to try connecting the WiFi with any other device. If the other phone is also popping up the same trouble, then you should restart the router of your home. Alternatively, simply switch to another WiFi connection. In case, the other device shows no such problem and connecting successfully, then your iPhone has to go under the treatment. Look for the next tip to get the problem solved.

2. Disable WiFi and then Restart Your iPhone
You can, for no other reason, turn off the WiFi and give your iPhone a restart phase. Disabling the connection for a while and keeping the device stable will likely to make the troubling functions settled and turn your device to act normal. Also, when you restart your device, make sure to turn the WiFi back on. Now check if the problem still arises.

3. Reset Network Settings
If the situation is still same and iPhone won\’t stay connected to WiFi for a long time, try resetting network settings now. As the name hints itself, it will take your all network settings to a fresh start. Please note that this method will delete your entire networks and passwords. The steps are as goes:

  • Begin with opening \’Settings\’ and then tap on \’General\’.
  • Go to \’Reset\’ and complete the process by hitting on the \’Reset Network Settings\’.
  • When you do this, you may be asked to enter the passcode. Do it and confirm resetting.

4. Turn off Bluetooth
Another thing you need to try if your iPhone won\’t stay connected to WiFi is disabling the Bluetooth. This is because the Bluetooth is able to cause some interference and inconvenience with the connection between your WiFi and device. Therefore, to prevent this situation, go to \’Settings\’ and tap \’Bluetooth\’ and turn it off. Now use your WiFi and check if the device keeps connected to it or not.

5. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings
Here is the last fix to try when your iPhone won\’t stay connected to WiFi. There could be some unknown reason with the other apps or data on your device that is causing iPhone not keeping connected to WiFi, so you need to restore your iPhone to factory settings. This process will take help of iTunes. All the data on your device will be erased. The steps are given just below.

  • As the first move, connect your device to the PC and open iTunes in it.
  • Upon successful connection of iPhone and PC, you need to click on the device icon at the top followed by \’Summary\’ tab.
  • Now, choose the option \’Restore iPhone\’ and confirm the process.

restore iPhone with iTunes

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