How to show hidden files on Mac using Terminal
Step #1: Launch “Terminal” from the Spotlight.
Step #2: Type the command,
For macOS X 10.9 or later
For macOS X 10.8 and earlier

How to show hidden files on Mac using Keyboard Shortcut
Step #1: Navigate to the folder or directory where might be hidden files are stored from the Finder.
Step #2: Press Command+Shift+Period. Once you press these keys, the hidden files will be visible.
Step #3: Now, you can see how many files are hidden.

How to Show Hidden files stored in External Drive on Mac
Step #1: Turn on the Mac and connect the External Drive to the Mac.
Step #2: Open” Finder”.
Step #3: Now launch “Terminal”. Simply press command+spacebar and type Terminal.
Step #4: Enter the following command and hit the return key,
Step #5: Hold down the Option or Alt key on the keyboard and then right click on the“Finder” on Dock. There select “Relaunch”.
Step #6: Next, click on the External Drive on the list and then you can see the hidden files and folders stored on the external drive.

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