Well! The location of the iTunes backup file relies on your PC’s operating system but not to worry I have mentioned detailed steps on how to locate it on both Windows and Mac computers. Moreover, I also mentioned appropriate information for locating iCloud backup too. Here is how to locate them.

Note: You should keep in mind that never move the iTunes backup file to other locations on your computer, otherwise iTunes won’t detect it anymore. Editing, renaming and relocating content from the backup file possibly harm the file. So, make sure to take care of that.

Trace iTunes Backup
Here are the steps to find where does iPhone backup go –
On Mac computer

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ bar, hit the search icon, and enter ‘~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/’.
  2. Tap ‘Return’ on your keyboard thereafter.

Or, you can also locate a particular backup file by launching iTunes > tap ‘iTunes’ in Finder Menu bar > ‘Preferences’. Now, Select ‘Devices’ > Control + Click the desired backup > select ‘Show in Finder’.

On Windows computer
Push the ‘Windows’ key along with the letter ‘R’ and paste this address to browse the backup folder: ‘\Users(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\’

Make sure to replace ‘username’ in the address with the name of your user account on your PC. You may also like: Jihosoft iphone data recovery

Alternatively, in the search bar of your Windows PC type ‘%appdata%’ or ‘%USERPROFILE%’ (iTunes downloaded from Microsoft Store) and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. Now, open ‘Apple Computer’ > ‘MobileSync’ > ‘Backup’.

iTunes backup on windows computer

Trace iCloud Backup
In case you have created the iPhone backup using iCloud, the backup data is not stored on your computer and can be found in the cloud storage. For tracing your iPhone backup on iCloud, you need to follow different processes for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Mac, or Windows computers. Let\’s now discover where iPhone backup goes, when you make an iCloud backup –

For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Browse ‘Settings’ > click [your name] > go to ‘iCloud’ > hit ‘Manage Storage’ > ‘Backup’. You can click a certain backup file for more information.

For Windows computer

Launch ‘iCloud for Windows’ > tap ‘Storage’ > choose ‘Backup’.
Select ‘Apple’ menu > ‘System Preferences’ > tap ‘iCloud’ > hit ‘Manage’ > choose ‘Backups’.

The iPhone backup is visible on other devices using the same iCloud account, but you can select the backup content only from the iPhone’s ‘Settings’ menu.

iCloud backups