Part 1. Common errors with iCloud restore stuck
Here are some of the common errors which a lot of people face when they are restoring their iCloud backup, especially the iCloud backup for iOS 12.

1. Photos and videos not restored
Many times, it so happens that all the media which was present in the backup doesn\’t show up when you restore the content. Now, this can occur due to two reasons.
If you haven\’t backed up your camera roll in the iCloud backup section, the photos were never stored in iCloud. Some people uncheck this option because only 5 GB of free space is available. If you want to fix this option, do the following.

  • Head to \’Settings\’ and then to \’iCloud\’ and then tap on \’Storage and backup\’.
  • Now move to \’Manage Storage\’.
  • Now choose the device which is being backed up.
  • Turn on the switch for the camera roll.

The second reason is that sometimes it takes a longer time for the photos to appear. In this case, all you can do is wait and see if the backed up photo pops up on the camera roll.

2. iCloud backup cannot be loaded
Sometimes the iPhone may display a message that your iCloud backup cannot be loaded. This may occur due to a problem with the iCloud servers. Here are the possible fixes for restore from iCloud stuck.

  • Check iCloud system status: check to see if the servers are running orderly or else wait.
  • Try to start once again from the scratch and see if it works.

Part 2. Fix iCloud backup restore stuck issue on iPhone without the computer
If you would like to deal with iPhone restore from iCloud stuck without the computer, here is what you can do.

  • Open \’Settings\’ on your iPhone and then tap on \’iCloud\’
  • Now go to \’Backup\’ and then choose \’Stop restoring iPhone\’
  • You will be asked again if you really want to do this, click on \’Stop\’.

This should fix the iCloud restore stuck problem and you can now factory reset your iPhone and then restore from iCloud again. This should sort things out.

stop restoring iphone

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