In order to understand how to adopt a customer service mindset in school operations, it is important that it is first understood what is a customer service mindset.

What is a customer service mindset?

A customer support mindset is when you realize that the customers need assistance in understanding the product or service that you are selling and they need to be handheld through the entire process. You need to understand that they will need assistance and hand-holding until they get familiar with the product or the service and will have several queries which need to be answered over a period of time. In order help your customers you need to put in place various processes which need to resolve the problems of the customer and will be focused on helping the customer on a regular basis. A customer service mindset takes into account the fact that the job is not done or complete with the sale of the product. Much more of the job involve after sale services which the customer is used to, as it is being delivered by almost all the enterprises.

How to adopt a customer service mindset?

There are many ways that one can adopt a customer service mindset in school operations.

1. Establish a customer service cell
In order to adopt a customer service mindset in school, it is important that a customer service cell is established in the school and it is run with utmost professionalism and care so as to satisfy the parents and their queries at the earliest. Many parents might have a lot of queries regarding the fee structure, the systems and processes of the school and all these questions need to be answered in detail to the parents. If there is a customer service cell or a help desk the parents will feel assisted and confident that they can easily approach the school in case of any queries that they might have. A customer service representative is the face of the school and needs to be able to help the parents at any given point in time.

2. Make sure that it is working and easily accessible
Hiring personnel and establishing a desk which can help parents is not the only work when it comes to adopting a customer service mindset. It is very important that the customer service cell is working and is armed with the processes and the skillset which is required to run the operations in order to help the parents. It is also important that this desk is easily accessible to parents and they know how and when to approach the customer service representative if they have any queries or doubts regarding their child’s performance or the school.

3. Have regular email interactions with the parents and customers
When you make a conscious effort to have regular email interactions with the parents or customers, you are automatically paving the way to a two-way channel of communication. Your emails to parents will generate interest, queries and some of them would also like to suggest improvements. It is important that you welcome all sorts of constructive suggestions and improvements. It is also important to answer queries to the best of your ability and you should be able to address grievances and negative feedback in the most professional and calm manner. The primary role of a customer service representative is to address positive and negative feedback in the most professional and practical manner and never shy away from negative feedback.

4. Provide all the necessary information and tools to the customer service representative
Adoptive a customer service approach and mindset is truly in the mind. Processes can help you set up the desk and plan ahead, but you need to remember that the mindset needs you to open up to your customer and share certain facts and figures which you might not be comfortable in sharing and opening up. It is truly adopting and getting comfortable with the fact that the customer needs to know and has the right to know about some details.

This also makes you more vulnerable and you need to get ready to face brickbats and negative criticism but at no point can you lose your cool and react badly to negative feedback. One of the primary skills of a customer service representative is to be professional and practical in times of distress or when a customer is giving her negative feedback. This is what her craft teaches and expects of her.

If you want the customer service representative to be on top of her game, you need to supply her with all the facts and figures pertaining to her job, so that she is always ready with answers and can be one step ahead of the customers who will throw negative feedback to her.

Thus these are some of the ways that you can adopt a customer service mindset and prepare for a more interactive and organized way to communicate with the customers at school. This will definitely require skilled customer service personnel and a help desk which is ever ready to answer the queries of the customer.

Guest Post by Vaishali Gopi, FreshWorks Inc.

Vaishali Gopi
Digital Marketing Associate