Customer service is usually associated with goods and services that the customer service will be provided to the customers that buy goods from a business or avail their services. Customer service is the bridge between the customer and the business. If the customer faces any problem or has any query that needs to be resolved, then it is through the customer service platform that the issue is resolved.

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The customer service representative has been trained to take care of or facilitate such matters. But this is the conventional form of customer service. Customer service can also be used in schools for providing a better dialogue between the students, parents and the school administration. The concept behind providing customer service in schools is the same as discussed above only the dynamic between the customers i.e. the students and the service provider i.e. the school, is different. The relationship is on a more personal and complex level. The treatment of the school shapes the future and progress of the student. The strategies and approaches put behind providing customer service in schools vary largely from other service providers. It requires an entirely different set of customer service skills on the part of a customer service representative i.e. the schools.
Following are examples of good customer service n schools and what you can learn from each one of them:
1. Technological upgrade- Technology has advanced drastically in the past decade. Things that required physical hardbound structure can now be easily digitized. The schools i.e. the customer service providers need to upgrade their system to the latest technology. Everyone wants to save time nowadays and certain tasks in school consume a lot of time like filling out paperwork. It is not just time but also the energy that is consumed. By digitizing the entire administrative system, there will be less paperwork and redundancy in information. This will save loads of time and help the customer as well as the school stay up to date with the technology.

2. Digitizing work- Schools have adopted smart boards and digitals means of education to provide the best learning experience to the students. This is restricted to the classrooms. Another form of better customer service would be to digitize the entire experience like used in most universities and colleges. Digitizing would include everything from class notes, presentations, homework and assignments among other things. This way no information will be lost as it will all be uploaded on the cloud and it would be easier for the students to access it as well.

3. User-friendly- The range of students involved in this digital transition would be wide since students from all the age group would be a part of it. Right from first grade to high school. Although the difference is that in the case of younger kids, the customer would be the parents on their behalf. But nonetheless, the spectrum is diverse. It is because of this fact that the online portal that the college would establish must be user-friendly which means that it should be designed in a manner that all customers will be able to use it. The customer service representative taking care of this aspect must have immense skills to accomplish this. Thus, he should be the first one to use it. The customer care representative must try on the portal himself and then conclude whether the customers, even those who are not technically sound, will be able to use it without any hiccups.

4. Humility- In situations like these, there are bound to be errors that would take place. In such cases generally, the teachers, in this case, customer care representatives, or the administration do not treat the parents or students as customers. The level of interaction is always leaning in the favor of the customer service representative rather than the customer himself which should be the other way round. The customer care representative, like in any other business or company, is supposed to deal with matters with humility and precision. This is where the customer service skills come into play. In case of an error, the customer service representative must treat the customer humbly and learning to apologize in case of inconvenience. There must be no scope of keeping their ego in the middle of a situation.

5. Positive attitude- The administration and the school in its entirety must keep a positive outlook and attitude towards the parents. This dynamic can be achieved exactly in the way a customer would be treated in a business scenario. By keeping a positive outlook the customer care representative encourages a positive outcome. The ultimate goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and that can be gained by keeping positivity around the workspace. If the customer care representative is happy and skilled, then they will work rigorously towards keeping their customers satisfied. The situation in schools is slightly different from businesses because it is the future and groom of a student at stake. So the customer care representatives i.e. the teachers and administration must keep in mind to have a positive and correct outlook of all the work that takes place in the school.

Guest Post by Vaishali Gopi, FreshWorks Inc.
Vaishali Gopi
Digital Marketing Associate