Companies today cannot function without a robust customer services department. Most people believe that customer service is a response mechanism dealt by professionals to deal with problems or back-office support.

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The expectation is that the back office support professional should figure out a solution in real-time. In a simple speech, the customer case is considered to be reactive in nature. Today firms are able to implement a proactive approach to customer support by following these steps that will bring huge profits for the company.

Problem Solving Issues
If there is a glitch with a certain product or service, sorting it out before the company launches the item is a preventive step. By attending to the hiccup with the product or the service prior to the launch makes a huge difference. When customers expect a product/ to be available at a particular date and it is delayed for reasons best known to the company, keeping the target posted will win laurels with the target. As an exercise in customer relationship building, it establishes trust. Alerting customers through a public relations exercise is half the battle won. In fact, if customers have made an advance payment and placed orders for the product/service, by providing a discount for the product or an additional freebie helps a great deal. Alternatively, if there is no solution available at the time, offering a refund to the customer says a lot about a brand. Fixing the issue before selling the product is the objective. This proactive measure will ensure that the brand will grow in leaps and bounds through the years.

Questions and Feedback is Healthy
For a brand to be ahead in the game and attain a footprint in the market space feedback from the target is essential. In the realm of being proactive, it definitely works as it provides an immense commitment on both sides – the customer and the brand owner. This exercise is quite a powerful tool whereby the company can figure out if there are better ways to improvise the business. By identifying the areas that need improvement, based on customer feedback, the brand can expect happy customers for years on end. In fact, as a routine exercise, employees move out of their comfort zone and change the course instead of the same old story. Regular surveys help to keep the firm aware of what is the expectation of the customer. While it can be a nuisance for customers, it improvises a huge brand-building exercise. The objective is to reach out to the usual customer base, along with prospective ones. Naturally during this exercise customer service skills must be top of the line, especially during a telephonic conversation. If by any chance the executive is not polite or uses the right tools, you can bet that the firm will get negative feedback even if the product/service is being lauded in the market.

Social Media Presence
Practically everyone has an online presence in the 21st century. A company will improve its lackluster performance if know what the dynamic is talking about. The customer care department is therefore through social media provided with a wide-angled lens as they analyze the comments. As they take stock and make a note of the chatter, they can change the course rather well. Many people take to Twitter, Facebook, and other mediums to vent their frustrations about a brand if they are unhappy. Customers are also known to speak in glowing terms if they are pleased with the product/service. While one may consider this to be a marketing exercise, from the point of view of the proactive customer service department it helps to take the company to the next level as dialoguing with people helps the brand to figure out how to get out of the doldrums. If the idea meets the needs of the dynamic, the brand will benefit for years on end.

Open a Live Chat Session 
Stipulate a time when the company will be holding a live session on a social networking site. This is the best time when airing grievances by customers helps retain a brand’s lost glory. It also lets on that there is something constructive in the pipeline for the customer. This ensures brand loyalty with customers as the narrative is changed. A live session is just that – conversations happening in real-time. Building a rapport with the customer base by the customer service representative actually works to satisfy the customer and the firm in totality. When customers hover visit a website and hover over it, the company can interact with the visitor and get to understand or sell the product/service to the prospective customer.

When you look at the basis of proactive service for a brand, in the domain of customer care, the objective is to consider various options where the firm and the customer benefit. At the end of the day, to move ahead in the organizational structure, the basis is to think out of the box to ensure that the implementation is on point. The dialogue between customer and brand can continue for a long time with a proactive mechanism in place.

Guest Post by Vaishali Gopi, FreshWorks Inc.

Vaishali Gopi
Digital Marketing Associate