Today’s online business may require special scheduling software that will help business owners with their daily operations, such as planning a meeting with important clients and more. The next step in the scheduling software space aims for efficiency and effective time management, much like the revolutionary Ford’s assembly line. Sure, you can get build software or acquire a scheduling software from a software provider, but why to inflict misery on your business when Doodle can make it faster, cheaper and best of all effortless.

Imagine a scheduling software that will allow workers to coordinate meeting times smoothly,  without having to communicate back and forth. That’s the whole idea behind Doodle, an incredibly powerful business tool for scheduling group meetings, creating work schedules, and planning weekend retreats.

This web-based business tool offers a wide variety of business solutions that will you simplify the process of setting appointments and scheduling.  It automatically works and syncs appointments with various calendar systems, which include Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Calendar. In addition to the calendar systems, Doodle also works with Google Maps, allowing users to share the location of the event or meetings.

Using this tool, business owners can view multiple meetings simultaneously and help users avoid conflicting bookings. Doodle also allows each user to view their own schedule of appointments or meetings. It also notifies business owners when people respond and also confirms the time, thus making the scheduling process much faster and easier.

Additionally, Doodle also allows users to create polls of the best and the right time to meet for a business appointment or meeting. The tool allows for multiple users in the meeting to select their desired time. The time that gets the most voted in the poll will be selected for the meeting time.

Doodle is a free resource, which means that there are no subscription fees or payment required to use this amazing scheduling software. You can download it free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Doodle is probably one of the best web-based scheduling software in the market today. It was named Best App for 2015 by Google Play Store. It also featured in some of the internet’s most prominent online publications, like The Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal.

The best thing about this tool is that it that makes scheduling and meeting effortless, saving you lots of time and resources. So the next time, you plan a meeting, get the best, get Doodle. Watch the tutorial video to learn more about Doodle.

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