Remarketing is one of the most popular trends in Facebook marketing, and it offers a number of benefits that every business should take advantage of. Once a user goes to your website or performs another specified action, you can target them again with a remarketing workflow. You can remarket to your Facebook audience by using the Custom Audiences feature and creating a new audience based on your target behavior. Facebook provides a wide range of tools to help you customize retargeting campaigns and improve your customer relationships.

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The Benefits
Existing customers and readers are much more likely to convert than the average cold lead, so you’re missing out on an incredibly efficient source of revenue if you’re still not following up with remarketing content.

By advertising on Facebook, you have access to one of the largest audiences of any marketing platform. That’s why it’s a great starting point if your brand is new to remarketing. A strong remarketing campaign turns first-time readers who just learned about your brand into loyal customers who keep coming back.

Basic Audience Types
Facebook allows you to create three types of custom audiences: customer list, web traffic, and app activity. Each one enables you to reach out to a subset of your readers and provide more relevant content with a higher conversion rate.

Web traffic is the most well-known remarketing option, targeting users who recently visited your website. Facebook allows you to set up custom workflows based on which pages they accessed, giving you even more personalization options.

Using an existing contact list for Facebook remarketing blends multiple channels, and it can be extremely effective for businesses interested in omnichannel marketing. Using more than one channel to move subscribers through the sales funnel offers you more control than ever over the customer experience.

Layered Audiences
Even a single audience filter opens up new opportunities for personalization, and layering multiple custom audiences on top of each other allows for even more directed content. Of course, it takes time to learn about your target audience and develop messaging that responds to their needs.

Lookalike Audiences
While Custom Audiences allow you to target segments of your current audience, Lookalike Audiences enable you to reach out to new users who match certain characteristics of your existing fanbase. You can layer a Lookalike Audience over a Custom Audience to generate better leads and a higher conversion rate.

A/B Testing
Facebook’s A/B testing tool allows you to compare different versions of the same ad and see which one leads to better results. A/B test images, headlines, and other prominent elements of each ad whenever possible to improve click-through and conversion rates.

Facebook remarketing might seem complicated at first, but the platform offers everything marketers need to engineer relevant and profitable campaigns. Keep these tips in mind to optimize your Facebook marketing practices and differentiate your brand from the competition.

Guest Post by Ilan Nass, Taktical Digital