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When consumers surf the web and buy a product from an online store, most of them are unaware of the important fact: the role of the software in the ecommerce business.  Web-based software has ensured that the online store has the product, available to ship to the customer’s doorstep.
Today’s online store owners have increasingly turned to web-based software to handle daily operations and important business tasks. Dropshipping software, Oberlo, and Spocket make this incredibly easier as it lets you find great products, check product suppliers, adjust pricing, track shipment, and check product delivery. These dropshipping solutions, coupled with their features and capabilities, offer online retailers the tools they need to grow their ecommerce business. 
The best thing about this software is that integrates with major dropshipping stores with less effort and cost. Spocket connects Shopify and Woocommerce store owners with suppliers, who handle the inventory and delivery of products to customers. By using dropshipping software, the time and costs spent on those important tasks have dropped considerably. This allows online retailers to sell more products online and focus more on growing their ecommerce business.     
The Big Two
Spocket vs. Oberlo is a matchup between two battle-hardened gladiators of the ecommerce world. Deciding which is the better is pretty tough, but I have done some research about the two dropshipping tools. Forget Microsoft vs. Google, or Apple vs. Huawei, Spocket vs. Oberlo is the match of the year. 
Before we step into the octagon and start the rumble, Let’s find out more about these two ecommerce stalwarts, which is best? Let’s dig into the two’s comparison review, highlights their main strengths, and reveal their weaknesses. It\’s a tough fight, both have the reputation of being powerful and feature-rich dropshipping software that allows you to find your winning products and help you succeed in your dropshipping business. 
On the first inspection, Spocket and Oberlo look like similar products and services. These two companies work almost the same way- you pay a monthly or yearly fee to use their dropshipping software, which seamlessly integrates with leading dropshipping stores. And shared a common goal: to help people grow their ecommerce business.
Not sure which one is right for you? Here is a quick breakdown comparing the two platforms with some of their key benefits. Let’s take a close look at the two big heavyweights of the dropshipping world. Let’s start with Spocket.
Launched in 2017, Spocket is revolutionizing the dropshipping market, allowing online retailers and entrepreneurs to find and dropship high-quality, EU, and US-based products. It helps online retailers/entrepreneurs compete with ecommerce giants, like Amazon and eBay, by removing the need to hold inventory and reducing the upfront costs. Spocket is backed by well-known venture capitalists and investors, which include Mistral Ventures Partners, Panache Ventures, 7 Gate Ventures, and the Plug and Play accelerators. 
According to CrunchBase, which tracks startups around the globe, Spocket has already raised $1.8 million in fresh funding from its investors. Currently, the company serves over 50,000 online retailers/entrepreneurs across the globe, helping them expand their ecommerce business.
Image: Spocket
Spocket offers the following big features: 
Faster delivery time
According to Spocket, around 80 percent of their product suppliers are located in the United States and Europe, which means that you can expect a much faster product delivery here. In addition to fast delivery time, Spocket also provides a track order feature that will allow you to track the exact location of your products at any given time. 
High-quality products
Unlike Oberlo, Spocket tends to favor the US and Europe-based suppliers. As mentioned above, around 80 percent of the items came from the US and Europe-based suppliers. This means that retailers can always count on the products to be of a higher quality than that of Oberlo, which relies mainly on Chinese- based AliExpress suppliers. 
Image: Spocket
Two-to-five-day shipping feature
This is perhaps one of Spocket’s biggest selling points. This innovative feature allows you to choose which products you want to import and sell on your online store, based on your customer’s exact location, something that you wouldn’t get on Oberlo. 
More reliable product suppliers
Spocket is keen on addressing issues that may be undesirable for online retailers. These include poor quality products, long shipping times, and packaging issues. To address those issues and keep the quality of their products, the Spocket team orders products from the suppliers in order to test out them and find out whether those products meet the company’s standard.
Image: Spocket
Ease of use and well-organized dashboard
Spocket is making dropshipping much easier for everyone. The software offers a more user-friendly dashboard, which means you can complete tasks very quickly, like importing products and fulfilling orders. It is fully automated, it\’s synced with your online store, and all placed orders automatically appear in your app so you can access fully updated stock anytime.
Impressive customer support
Today’s consumers are demanding a consistent, personalized, and excellent service across all customer touchpoints. Omni-channel engagement is the name of the new game in customer support and service. This means that companies must be accessible and responsive through multiple customer touchpoints- mobile, email, call center, and social media channels. To reach its customers, Spocket is providing round-clock (24/7) customer service across multiple channels. 
Other big features:
  1. Automated pricing and order fulfillment
  2. Extensive product database (which according to Spocket, still growing each passing day)
  3. Support product customization
  4. Automatic price adjustment
  5. Support selling on a personal blog, online stores, and social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and etc. 
  1. Spocket’s 14-day free trial is very limited and there’s no permanent free plan for beginners or first-time users. 
  2. Spocket doesn’t support other dropshipping marketplaces, such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.
  3. Spocket doesn’t provide package customization and automatic tax rate assessment.
  4. And finally, Spocket won’t allow you to view your supplier’s inventory, leaving you clueless about your supplier’s current inventory.
Now, we take a look at Oberlo, Spocket’s closest rival. First introduced in 2015, Oberlo is a piece of software or dropshipping app which allows you to add products to your Shopify online store, fulfill orders, track shipping status, and ship products directly to your customers’ doorstep with just a few simple clicks. The plugin service also helps dropshippers and store owners manage returns and refund easily. Oberlo is designed to help dropshippers and online retailers launch their ecommerce business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. It’s one of the most popular and feature-packed dropshipping tools for today’s ecommerce business. 
The Good Side:
Inventory and pricing automation
With Oberlo, inventory is fully automated so that you never miss or sell an item that’s out of stock. The same goes for the pricing process, which means that you always get a notification if the pricing changes from the supplier’s end. This will help adjust the pricing on your online store.
Reasonable pricing plan
Oberlo offers three plans to choose from, depending on the size of your online store. Oberlo’s forever-free starter plan can be a good starter for those who just starting to explore the world of dropshipping. With the Starter plan, you get a set up for 500 products, 50 orders per month, automatic order fulfillment, daily product syncing, pricing automation, sales reporting, and a free Oberlo Chrome extension. But if you want to raise the number of products and add big features, you can upgrade to the very popular Basic plan ($30 per month). That’s plan gives you everything from the previous plan, order fulfillment monitoring, shipment tracking features, and raises your sales from 50 to 500 orders per month.
Easy-to-use dashboard
Just like Spocket, Oberlo also offers a user-friendly dashboard and smooth navigation, allowing you to finish your task quickly. Oberlo’s dashboard brings a clean menu on the left-hand side for completing a variety of tasks, similar to the WordPress configuration. All the data and items in your online store are systematically organized, along with information about sales and earnings.
Very nice customer support
Oberlo takes its customer service very seriously. This means that you can expect a quick response from the company. There’s also a knowledge base for those users who like to search and find the popular questions about the popular dropshipping app. 
Here’s the bad part about Oberlo:
The only unfortunate part about Oberlo is that it only works with Shopify and AliExpress. You can’t use the dropshipping app if you’re using other dropshipping platforms, like WooCommerce. Also, most of the product suppliers came from Mainland China, so you can expect some delays here and very long shipping times.
The two are well-matched and both offer great tools for dropshippers and store owners. In the end, Spocket looks to come out on top in this comparison. It edged out Oberlo in some key important areas, like product quality and delivery time. Not convinced? Check out Spocket’s website to get more about their products and pricing plans.