Selling on Amazon is not rocket science, but you must be ready to deal with requirements and challenges. Amazon is a constantly evolving business environment. Each year, Amazon introduced new rules that can directly affect your ecommerce business. Fortunately, many of these sellers and vendors are turning to technology to run their ecommerce business. As a result, technology companies are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver effective tools to help sellers succeed in their Amazon business. One company that believes it has a solution for today\’s business challenges is Sellics

Image Credit: Sellics

The software technology firm has long been known in the Amazon advertising industry for its variety of tools for Amazon sellers and vendors. Founded in 2014 and based in Palo Alto, California, Sellics is a leading ecommerce growth software solution worldwide. It offers an all-in-one ecommerce solution to help you optimize rankings, automate PPC campaigns, track performance, increase organic traffic, manage reviews, and even monitor competitors. Sellics\’ technology platform is used by major brands such as Bosch, Jabra, Brita, L’Oréal, Private Label Journey, and Staedtler.

Innovation is embedded in Sellics’s business model. Sellics’ AI-based software, which is supported by predictive insights and automation, will allow you to monitor multiple facets of your Amazon business all in one tool, helping you track everything important about your Amazon business. Every year, the company announced new development and added new products to its growing arsenal.

Meet the newest addition

This year, Sellics is making another major push into the Amazon advertising front, adding a new benchmarking tool to the company’s intense offerings. The goal is to address the advertising challenges facing Amazon sellers and vendors today. The ecommerce software firm already has a complete Amazon PPC automation tool; from automated keyword discovery and bid automation. 

Currently available in beta, Sellics Benchmarker is a free tool for Amazon sellers and vendors who want to know how they are doing in terms of Amazon PPC. Sellics Benchmarker is an ongoing effort that will result in various changes and some major improvements. We could expect even more development and new features in the coming months.  

What’s new with Selics Benchmarker

As expected by many Sellics’ users, the new tool promises big help for advertisers. It analyzes your performance in Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Products. The data this tool analyzes is being updated regularly. It\’s based on an internal study conducted by Sellics. That study is based on the Amazon ad spend data from the second quarter of 2020. The best thing about this new software is that anyone who is actively doing Amazon PPC can use it! The only requirement is: at least you got 50 clicks in your 30 days campaign. This is the first time in ecommerce history; sellers will get a free benchmarking tool that will help you improve their performance by analyzing different metrics of your competitors, such as ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale), CTR, and CPC.

Right now, Sellics Benchmarker is still in the beta stage, which means that the product is not yet finalized. The Sellics’ development team still working on it applying some iteration and adding some finishing touches. To improve the new business tool, an early access program was launched on October 15, 2020. The official launch will be in 2021. 

Image Credit: Sellics

Getting started

First, today is the right time to get started using Sellics Benchmarker. Why? The new data analytics tool is in the beta stage. I guess that’s the right time you can contribute to developing it by trying it out and giving your honest feedback to the Sellics development team.

To try this brand new data analytics tool, you need to visit the Sellics website and find the Sellics Benchmarker button or link (you can also find that at the bottom of the website or footer). Click on Get early access now link. 

And wait, you need to fill out the quick form that pops out on the screen. After that, you need to connect your Seller Central account to start generating your reports. The tool starts to work, analyzing your data. You will receive a confirmation email, followed by your final report. It would take at last 30 minutes to generate your report. However, it can also take up to an hour or even more, depending on the size of the Seller account. 

Image Credit: Sellics
Image Credit: Sellics

Now, let’s see some of the big highlights:


  • The new tool is easy-to-use (two clicks only according to Sellics), and 100 percent free.
  • It’s secure and safe to use. Sellics takes privacy and security very seriously. They take considerable efforts to meet the highest security and safety requirements possible, so you don’t need to worry about data security.  
  • It allows you to benchmark your Amazon advertising performance against your product category (DIY, Handmade products, Home and Kitchen, Clothing, Video Games, Electronics, Sports and Outdoors)
  • This state-of-art data analytics tool provides a more detailed score. It crunches and analyzes more than $2.5 billion in ad revenue, and tells you exactly how you’re ads performing in the Amazon marketplace, whether you belong to the top 20 percent or the bottom of the list. 
  • This is probably the best thing about this new tool, the main selling point. It can help you improve your performance by helping you focus on the right levers, from ACoS to CPC, CTR, or CVR.
  • There’s excellent customer support, ready to assist you via email or live chat. 

Well, of course, Sellics’ newest addition also comes with some drawbacks.


  • The tool is still in the beta stage, so expect not much information about this benchmarking tool. Sellics is still working on the feature and other planned functionalities. 
  • You need to wait for next year’s official launch. That’s the date you’re going to learn more about this new benchmarking tool.

Final Thought:

Overall, Sellics is making a great tool here. Although it still beta stage, Sellics Benchmarker already promises big help for Amazon advertisers. Imagine having all the analytics tools you need in a single solution provider! All in one place! The company provides a great way to help sellers, providing them all performance and data metrics they need in expanding their Amazon business. 

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