Living in the high-tech dot com world, information is crucial for any business. If you are a stock market trader and don’t have access to the right information, like stock market news and market intelligence, you are probably losing out on your chance of getting big in the stock market. Information, such as stock market news, is key, so it is very important that you follow those market headlines. But you will need a powerful tool to access the information.

Enter Benzinga Pro, a stock market news feed and data platform. The core feature of the Benzinga Pro is a live news feed for active traders and investors who require real-time financial news and fresh market intelligence. This web-based financial news service provides unprecedented access to a large variety of financial news sources, company earnings, market intelligence, notification alerts, conference call key points, upgrades, downgrades, financial document releases, takeover rumors, and biggest market movers. The newswire service also delivers other important financial stories usually not reported on by traditional financial news websites.

Benzinga Pro is fast, easy-to-use, and accurate, so you can react decisively when the stock market throws you a hardball. It’s also cheaper (just a fraction of the cost of the Bloomberg Terminal, try to check Bloomberg’s website and see a big difference!), and highly customizable, which means that traders can set up their news feed according to their preference. Benzinga will automatically deliver this pertinent information according to their settings. Traders can access Benzinga Pro from any internet-enabled device thanks to its browser-based format.

However, Benzinga Pro gives you access to far more than just a live news feed. This premium market intelligence platform is packed with valuable features that allow you to perform in-depth stock analysis and even real-time monitoring of important financial data. In short, providing you with everything you need to make you a smarter trader and investor. We’re going to cover all those valuable features in our review below. But first, let’s take a close look at Benzinga and its humble start.

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About Benzinga

Founded in 2010 by Jason Raznick, Benzinga is a premier financial news and market intelligence platform that provides timely, actionable insights for stock traders and investors. Access to Benzinga’s official website is free and they provide a vast amount of financial news articles, press releases, stock quotes, earnings information, analyst ratings, and more.

Originally, Benzinga started Benzinga Pro as an event and news-based platform, but the platform gets bigger and the company started to introduce an impressive collection of powerful features. An event calendar, stock scanner, stock screener, squawk box,  trade signals feature, trading chat room, top movers list, watchlist feature, and real-time news feed are now included. You can access those powerful features when you sign up with the Benzinga Pro service.

Let’s check the highlights and core features of the Benzinga Pro platform:

Trading News Feed

Again, the Benzinga Pro news feed is a great resource for finding new stock trading ideas and identifying fast-moving day trading opportunities. The news feed offers a great tool for supporting stock trading. It sources its data from multiple news outlets.

The news feed feature is highly customizable, which means that you can customize your news feed to focus on specific sectors, companies, or whatever filter you want. Also, you can set up notifications that will alert you to breaking news. This allows you to take action the moment the news comes out in the market. By doing this, you’ll never miss a major announcement or event that might affect your trading.

Access to the live news feed is included with Benzinga Pro Basic Plan. With Basic Plan, you’ll get access to the real-time news feed provided by trusted stock market news websites, but won’t be privy to the SEC or press release-style news feed. To gain access to this kind of data, you need to upgrade to the Benzinga Pro Essential Plan. this gives you full access to an earnings calendar in addition to the other useful features of the real-time news service. The calendar feature is also fully customizable by category, providing you with a bird’ eye view of all upcoming earnings announcements.

Stock Screener

Currently available for both the Benzinga Pro’s Basic and Essentials Plan members, the stock screener allows traders to search Benzinga’s massive database and find the stocks that fit their style of stock trading. Traders can narrow their searches, filter stocks using a wide array of adjustable criteria. Some examples of data you can scan for include price range, IPO date, P/E, margins, and more.

Stock Scanner

This feature is useful for searching stocks, in a much faster and easiest way. The Stock Scanner will allow you to scan for stocks with updates in real-time, reducing the time for searching stocks and make you fully updated about everything happening on those stocks.

In searching stocks, you can use filters like short interest, relative volume, float, market cap, price, volume, and more. And it’s not just about searching stock, this feature also can help you find market news and data easily and quickly, allowing you to create your stock thesis with confidence.

Audio Squawk Box

This audio alert service is available only to Benzinga Pro’s Essentials Plan members. It’s one of Benzinga Pro’s most unique and innovative features, the Audio Squawk Box provides an audio feed of important news and stock market updates. This real-time audio feed starts from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, providing traders with the latest market news.

The live audio feed will keep you informed about critical breaking news, press conferences, stock spits, news releases, earnings and guidance reports, Wall Street analysis, economic data releases, market rumors, and chatter.


Stock market news and audio alert service are just a small part of Benzinga Pro’s offerings. Benzinga Pro also includes full access to powerful trading tools, Benzinga Signals. This feature, which is currently available only to the Essential Plan members, can help traders track notable events (price or volume-related events).

You can use this tool to track price spikes, stock splits, block trades, and measure volume changes in stocks. It is also highly customizable. This means that you can set up any number of alerts based on your trading preferences.

This is another game-changing tool from the Benzinga team. Best for short-term and swing traders who are always on the hunt for those fast-moving trading opportunities.


Available for both Benzinga Plans (Basic and Essentials) Benzinga Watchlists will allow traders to keep a close eye on whatever stock they want. Using this feature, you can combine your stock selections with advanced notifications and set up triggers based on stock price movements and real-time news alerts.

The best thing about the Benzinga Watchlist feature is that it allows you to track multiple different pieces of trading information through the live news feed. It makes it easy to track your portfolio from within the news desk platform, so you can respond quickly whenever new information came out.


Like Watchlist, the Movers feature is also available to both Basic and Essential Plan members. It can help you discover huge trading opportunities by monitoring the top moving stocks of the trading day. One of the best things about the Movers feature is that it can allow you to see which stocks have gained the most or lost the most for the trading day. You can customize the Movers tool with filters, by sector, market cap, price, gainers or losers, and session. Additionally, you can also keep the Movers feature updating every minute, and even freeze the results to keep an eye on something new.


Benzinga Pro Calendar feature is an incredibly useful tool for finding more about a specific event or market-moving event and announcements from the companies you follow. Benzinga’s built-in calendar feature can help traders track important events like earning reports and more. Some of the important market events covered in the Benzinga Pro Calendar feature include Analysts’ ratings, FDA, Guidance, IPOS, Merges and Acquisitions, SEC filings, Retail sales, Economics, Earnings, Dividends, Conference calls, Splits, Secondary offerings, and Unusual options activity.

For market traders with a long watch list of companies, the Benzinga Pro Calendar feature can be a valuable tool for staying on top of the news.

Trading Chat Room

This is probably one of the coolest features in the Benzinga Pro platform, the Trading Chat Room is the go-to place for active traders and investors, giving a chance for traders to connect and interact with other traders on the platform. This can be a valuable resource when it comes to sharing trading ideas and strategies. The Trading Chat Room works in real-time and has 9 different channels available. This include Benzinga Bootcamp, Benzinga, Crypto, Benzinga TV, Benzinga Pro Lounge, Benzinga Options Inner Circle, Benzinga Daytrading, Benzinga Options, and Benzinga Pro Community Support.

Benzinga Pro Lounge and the Benzinga Daytrading are the most active chat rooms in the market intelligence platform. Benzinga Inner Circle is a limited-access chat room. This chat room is only available to subscribers of the Benzinga Options Mentorship.

Pricing Plans: How Much The Service Cost?

Benzinga offers competitive pricing plans. Currently, it offers three main pricing tiers (the Basic, Essential, and the Enterprise Plans) for its Benzinga Pro service. Each tier comes with basic features and benefits.

The entry-level subscription service, or the Basic Plan, is the lowest membership plan. It includes access to basic features like watchlist alerts, newsfeed access but without SEC updates and press releases, the Movers feature, and the Calendar feature. The Basic Plan costs $99 a month.

The Essential Plan is probably the most popular plan and it comes with every Basic feature plus additional features such as audio squawk, sentiment indicators, Signals feature, real-time quotes, and chat room access. Access to the Essential Plan starts at $177 a month.

The third and final plan, the Enterprise Plan, is aimed at investment groups or well-established financial companies. There’s no advertised price on Benzinga’s pricing page, so you need to call Benzinga’s customer support  (for assistance) or email them.

In addition to the three main pricing plans, Benzinga also offers the Benzinga Options Mentorship plan. This plan includes everything from the Essential Plan plus all mentorship, options pick features and education. I hope that the details (about Benzinga Pro) posted were useful to you. For more about Benzinga Pro’s key features and pricing,  you can check out or visit the company’s main website.

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