What’s the first thing comes to your mind when you heard the word burkini? Yes, you think about the modest swimwear that made a huge headline recently in Europe. The modest Islamic swimwear became internationally famous after a number of French municipalities banned the burkini-clad women from the beach.

The burkini is not a traditional Muslim attire, but the design of the swimwear is intended to be in accord with Islamic traditions of modest dress and respect for the teachings of Islam. The modest swimwear consists of a stretchy head covering, a long-sleeve top, and full-length pants that cover the entire body, except the women’s face, hands, and feet.

Since its first introduction in 2004, the burkini has quickly become a lifeline for many Muslim women who refused to wear the usual, provocative, and more scandalized skin-revealing bikini swimwear. The design of modest swimwear has given a lot of women in the Muslim community freedom to go to public places and participate in many sports activities, without sacrificing their modesty and Islamic faith. The recent French ban on the wearing of burkinis has not stopped the wearing of burkinis on some beaches in Europe. Instead, it helped many companies increase their sales enormously. Not just that, it also opened the door for other fashion brands to join the highly lucrative modesty fashion market and make their own swimwear designs.

Meet LYRA, the next step in modest swimwear design
One new swimwear brand that has the potential to revolutionize the modest swimwear market is the London-based LYRA Swimwear. Founder Ikram Zein started the LYRA swimwear brand in 2016, after struggling to find a Muslim-friendly swimwear that supported her active lifestyle and beliefs.

Image credit: LYRA Facebook page

Thanks to Zein’s creativity and design genius, women can now look stylish and feel more comfortable while swimming on or at the beach. Zein introduces minimalist designs and uses lightweight, UV-protective Italian fabric for its swimwear lines. Zein wants to create something new that would combine style, practicality, and versatility. Not all of LYRA’s customers are Muslim, many of them are just looking for more stylish sun protection or feeling body-conscious.

LYRA’s journey to market stardom starts with, of course, the raw materials from the fabric mills in Bergamo, Northern Italy. The creative process involves rigorous craftsmanship and precision. But unlike many other swimwear brands in the market, LYRA has this strong commitment- to use only the finest Italian swimwear fabrics in the world. Here, elastomer, the critical or main ingredient is being prepared for battle. To ensure the optimum durability of the swimwear, the company uses only the finest patented elastomeric fibers available in the market. Make no mistakes, these fibers offer high-quality protection from scorching heat and strong UV rays, almost four times the protection provided by high SPF sunscreens, according to a review website.

Image credit: LYRA Facebook page
Image credit: LYRA Facebook page LYRA Sarongs
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Image credit: LYRA Facebook page

The LYRA swimsuits incorporate beachwear fabrics that are sand resistant. This ensures that LYRA swimwear fabric colors maintain their intensity and clarity, even over a long period of time. To ensure the quality of the LYRA swimwear product, the fabrics are exposed to a number of physical and visual testing before being authorized for use in the production plant.

Now, let’s come to the design stage. This always starts with extensive research, involving the creative minds of the designers who are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas and design inspirations.

After extensive research, the next step of the design process is to build large mood boards displaying imagery that illustrates the personality that LYRA designers are trying to capture in the swimwear products.

Finding the right fabric mill to produce the LYRA swimwear has always been one of the priorities of the LYRA company. It took the British brand more than two years of hard work and uncompromising determination to find the perfect place to start the production works. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, Fortunately, LYRA managed to find the right place, and it’s in the middle of Istanbul in Turkey. The Turkish factory occupies 800 square meters of space, which spans over five floors, and employs a decent workforce of around 250 people.

To ensure the highest workplace standard, LYRA’s factory is audited every year by Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with brands, factories, trade unions, and government agencies to improve workplace conditions.

You can ensure a high-quality swimwear product with LYRA, why? Because every LYRA swimwear passes through 11 production stages, and every swimwear product is inspected for the smallest faults- loose threads, stains, and any fabric faults. Finally, each LYRA swimwear is then hand-pressed, ironed, and individually wrapped before being delivered to the market. For more about the LYRA modest swimwear, just visit their website

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