Instant messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Snapchat, are a potent weapon in today’s digital business, and some of today’s business interactions are taking place on these instant messaging platforms. The problem here is that those business interactions are outside the reach of the company’s CRM systems. As a result, sales personnel are expected to manually enter data into their CRM systems, a huge waste of time for the company.

Whatslly, a Tel Aviv, Israel – based Conversational Sales platform that facilitates one on one customer engagement over instant messaging channels like WhatsApp, claims its AI-powered data processing features can bridge the gap between companies and customers by providing a more effective, enterprise-compliant personalized customer experience. This fast-growing startup offers an enterprise-grade, no-code plug-and-play conversational sales solution that enables companies to track interactions with customers on popular instant messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, and surface the right insights at the right time.

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This week, the company announced that it has raised $11 million in seed funding. Zeev Ventures led this latest financing round, with participation from GTM Fund, Sergio Fogel, and base partners.

Founded in 2019 by tech entrepreneurs Yanir Calisar and Deborah Palacios Wanzo, and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Whatslly is the first company to introduce enterprise-grade Conversational Sales solutions to instant messaging channels (like WhatsApp) enabling personalization and improved customer relationships. The founders have never met in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, but the two have managed to have better business conversations, using the widely-popular WhatsApp instant messaging platform.

The company has grown ten-fold in revenue, claiming more than 70 paying customers in 35 countries. Sales officials from big companies like Telefonica, Volkswagen, Subaru, Great Place to Work, and Wabi often use instant messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, to communicate with their customers and manage their sales cycles. The Israeli startup claims its enterprise-grade conversational sales solution is helping these big companies improve customer experience by empowering them to have better interactions and communications with their customers.

The company has helped many businesses, providing them an effective platform to stay connected with customers. Whatslly is a certified Salesforce AppExchange Partner.

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