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AliExpress is often the top choice for many dropshippers looking to sell high-quality products. The Chinese-based online marketplace boasts one of the most significant sources of dropshipping suppliers that helps you find products to start and grow your dropshipping business. But finding a product to sell and running an online store is a very tedious task and takes a lot of time.

Luckily, we have tons of dropshipping tools and software available that can help you find the right products to sell in your dropshipping business. Two leading players in the dropshipping technology platform are Spocket and Oberlo. Both have a reputation for being extremely powerful dropshipping tools that allows you to find and import dropshipping products directly into your online store. They can help you find and link to various dropshipping suppliers, saving you valuable time and energy in managing your dropshipping business.

Oberlo, Shopify’s very own dropshipping technology app, makes it easy for dropshippers to find products from AliExpress and add them to their online store with just a few clicks. This app offers a wide range of quality products at low prices. Unfortunately, in a recent post on Oberlo App FAQ page, the Oberlo team announced that it is shutting down the popular dropshipping app Oberlo, and will no longer offer its Chrome extension that helps dropshippers find products and fulfill orders on their Shopify stores. According to Shopify, Oberlo users who already have an account for the app can still access the Oberlo dropshipping app until June 15. After June 15, Oberlo will be uninstalled and your data will be lost.

On the Shopify Discussion page, Shopify (Oberlo’s parent company) confirmed that it’s teaming up with another ecommerce solution provider and suggests using a popular dropshipping solution developed by DSers, a Shopify-technology partner, and AliExpress partner. Like Oberlo and Spocket, DSers has all the features you need to manage your dropshipping business. This dropshipping app offers tight integration with the widely-popular AliExpress, provides bulk order fulfillment (you can place up to 100+ orders with just a few clicks of a button), as well as advanced features. DSers also has a Chrome extension that you can install to import dropshipping products from AliExpress easily. Just with Spocket and Oberlo, DSers also comes with free and monthly paid subscription options.

The news about Oberlo’s shutdown comes as a big surprise for everyone. Oberlo, which was first introduced in 2015 in the market, has been a popular dropshipping app for years and is often a top choice for many AliExpress dropshippers. This news about Oberlo’s shutdown might be concerning to you if you’ve been relying on Oberlo dropshipping app.

Shopify already announced on the Shopify Discussion page that it is working closely with the DSers technology team to make the migration from Oberlo to DSers dropshipping app as seamless as possible. Other dropshipping solution providers, such as Sell the Trend and Spocket, are also on the move, working hard to offer better alternatives to the industry’s favorite Oberlo dropshipping app.

Spocket, which helps dropshippers around the world discover and dropship high-quality US/EU based products, has already introduced a one-click migration tool for Oberlo users that are looking to migrate their products to another dropshipping solution. This dropshipping solution is rated very highly in the ecommerce space. Experts call it “a great alternative to Oberlo” and many entrepreneurs claim that it is more advanced than Oberlo dropshipping app when it comes to the quality of products and suppliers. Let’s find out more about Spocket’s newest addition below.

Meet AliScraper, Spocket’s newest AliExpress dropshipping tool

The Vancouver-based ecommerce company is committed to helping the dropshipping community, providing them with the tools they needed to continue business and avoid major business disruption. Recently, Spocket announced a new AliExpress dropshipping tool called AliScraper, Spocket said that you can do everything that Oberlo does and even more!

Here are some of the big highlights of the new AliScraper dropshipping tool:

  1. Free to download: just visit the Chrome web store and download the Spocket Chrome Extension.
  2. It’s compatible and works with major dropshipping platform providers, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix.
  3. One-click product importer: Automatically import products from AliExpress to your Spocket import list.
  4. Access to automation tool for processing orders: The one-click bulk processing feature will allow you to process tons of orders instantly.
  5. 24/7 technical support: A dedicated customer support team is available to help you with your dropshipping issues and other technical problems.
  6. Faster fulfillment processing: This gives you more time on building your online brand.
  7. Easily import Loox reviews to your dropshipping store: Loox provides an easy and fastest way to add social proof and product reviews to your online store. This helps you build strong trust and increase sales.
  8. Provide the best delivery option for your customers: According to the AliScraper website, the Spocket team has also added a feature that allows you to check your AliExpress delivery options and select the courier that works best with your customers.

Well, of course, the new Spocket tool also comes with some drawbacks.

  1. To access the AliScraper tool, you need to use the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. AliScraper is still in beta testing, which means that the product is not yet finalized. And the Spocket development team is still working on it, debugging, and adding some finishing touches.
  3. To use AliScraper in your dropshipping business, you need to sign up with Spocket’s subscription service. This will cost you money.
  4. Limited information about the new feature. AliScraper is still in the beta stage.

According to Spocket’s development team, the newly-launched AliScraper is the only dropshipping tool that has a reliable Oberlo migration tool, allowing dropshippers to migrate all of their AliExpress dropshipping products and data to AliScraper with just one click. Not just that, you can use this newly-launched AliExpress dropshipping tool for free, yes 100 percent FREE! Just visit the AliScraper page and then download the Chrome extension.

Not sure which one is right for you? DSers or AliScraper. Try to check out AliScraper’s Youtube video to get more about this new tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc1jFe7ksgc

In addition to Oberlo, Spocket also offers migration tools for users who are looking to migrate products from DSers to Spocket. You can check the Migrate from DSers page here.

Even though it’s a new feature and still in the beta stage, it’s well-thought-out and comes from a reputable company with a good track record and experience in developing dropshipping software technologies.

As a leading dropshipping technology platform, Spocket will continue to focus on the development and delivery of new products and services. Whether you are looking to move or migrate your data or just want to explore your options, there is no risk in trying Spocket’s new AliExpress dropshipping app, AliScraper.