Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find marketing article and blog post on the internet that doesn’t mention the word influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has become the new star in the world of digital marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new way for brands to promote their products and services through endorsements or recommendations from top social media influencers, celebrities, and content creators on the internet. This form of marketing strategy employs social media users that have a large social media following that businesses can tap into to improve brand awareness campaigns and even increase sales.

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Influencer marketing is an extremely popular digital marketing tool and will continue to become more popular in the coming years. And if you’re looking to improve your brand awareness, or just looking for a better way to expand your online reach, this is the right time to join the bandwagon and try influencer marketing.

To pull off a great influencer marketing campaign, you need to have the right tool, research, and right influencer for the work. Here are tips on how to create a better influencer marketing strategy.

Determine your business goals
Influencer marketing campaigns start with business goals. No doubt, the number-one goal for brands and organizations using influencer marketing is to improve brand awareness and boost conversions.

Search for the right social media influencers
To find the right person for the job, you need to devote time to ensure you find the right social media influencer to promote content that appeals to your target group of people. Once you finished working on your business goals, it’s time to look into the type of social media influencers you’re interested in.

The easiest and fastest way to search for influencers is with the help of Google or any search engine (Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing, etc.). Just type in the keyword or industry-related terms in the Google search bar and the search engine will surface results in those areas.

Like Google, you can also search for influencers on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter. Try to check the comments sections of those high-traffic posts that are related to your industry. There is a big chance that some of those influencers may have posted comments on those high-traffic posts and even interacted with members of your target audience. Some social media platforms offer data analytics tools and services, such as the Twitter Analytics tool. You can use those data analytic tools to identify potential influencers that will fit your marketing campaigns.

Reading blogs, themed publications (business, technology, and fashion), and watching Youtube videos are other great ways to locate influencers and niche content creators. Scan for people mentioned in the article and blog posts, and check their profile page. You can research the author/writer further to determine if they’re a good fit for your influencer marketing campaign.

And finally, you can also use an influencer marketing platform, which provides influencer-finding solutions and searchable databases of influencers to help brands find a perfect match for their marketing campaigns. One good example of an influencer marketing platform is Intellifluence. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Intellifluence is the largest warm influencer marketing platform. It helps brands partner with key social media influencers to achieve better results and reach goals.

Know and follow the rules
Before making a deep splash in influencer marketing campaigns, you need to do some research on the rules and guidelines established by the US Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission takes disclosure very seriously, so it’s very important that you follow these rules to avoid penalties.

Start working with your disclosure guidelines, and make sure you build disclosure guidelines into your agreements with your influencers or content creators.

Launch your influencer marketing campaign
Once you’ve chosen your social media influencer, it’s time to start working on your marketing campaign. You need to work closely with your marketing team to develop your campaign messaging and determine what content your influencer should or should not) publish on their social media platform.

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Don’t forget to share the content your social media influencer creates on your own social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter). The more you shared your marketing collaboration, the better the results for your online business and your social media influencer, a win-win for both of you.

Reach out
While working with your marketing team on content format, you need to determine how you’ll be reaching out to your influencer. Find a better way to communicate with them. For example, for micro-influencers, you could reach out directly in a private message on their Facebook page or Instagram profile. For the more established and bigger influencers, you may check their social media profile and list contact information such as email and phone numbers.

Get creative in promoting content
For better results, let the influencers run the show, and give them enough room for creativity. Content creators and social media influencers work hard to build their massive following and will want to keep their style and approach.

Monitor social media posts and track results
Track the outcomes of your influencer campaigns. As I mentioned earlier about influencer marketing tools, like Intellifluence. You can use this tool to track engagement rates, likes, and comments. Using this tool, you can set up a goal for your marketing campaign and list KPIs to measure overall campaign results.

Payment and reward
Currently, there are three common ways in which you can compensate social media influencers and niche content creators:

  1. Cash Payment: This is probably the most common form of compensation or reward for influencers. Most influencers and brands prefer this method because it’s much faster and safer. The transaction can be done online, you can pay influencers in minutes using PayPal or any online payment platform.
  1. Free Product: Another way to compensate influencers is to give a free product or a big discount in exchange for a product endorsement.
  2. Commission: This is a form of arrangement between brand and influencer. Any sale generated from that product endorsement will result in a commission paid to the social media influencer.