RealDefense, a US provider of privacy, security, and optimization software and services, announced that it has raised $30 million in financing. Denver, Michigan-based Sunflower Bank, which provides personalized financial services to businesses and entrepreneurs, provided the investment. The company has raised a total of $50 million in four funding rounds to date.

This fresh investment will help RealDefense to compete for more acquisitions in the privacy and cybersecurity space. The cybersecurity startup has recently completed four acquisitions in the software security industry. These include STOPzilla, iolo Technologies, and USTechSupport, a provider of computer repairing and maintenance support services.

In a released statement via the company’s press release, Gary Guseinov, CEO of RealDefense, said. “We continue to look for appropriate acquisition candidates that fit our M&A model where we can help to improve unit economics, increase Average Order Value and Lifetime Customer Value, and reduce Customer Acquisition Costs. Concerns about online privacy and theft of digital assets have created a global opportunity for new security solutions and services to bring to our 1+ million customer base. This fresh round of funding will accelerate our M&A program by allowing us to act quickly on new opportunities. We have a deep working relationship with Sunflower Bank and its Technology, Media & Telecommunications lending group and we thank them for their continued support of our acquisition activities.”

Founded in 2017, and based in Pasadena, California, RealDefense provides privacy, cybersecurity, and performance optimization software for desktop computers and mobile devices, which it markets to consumers and small businesses through its vast distribution network of 20,000+ retail stores, resellers, licensing partners, and affiliates in 33 countries.

The company offers a number of privacy and security software brands in its portfolio. These include STOPzilla, MyCleanID, MyCleanPC, iolo, Iolo SafeSearch, VirusFix, WarrantyStar, and USTechSupport.