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Mobile email optimization might seem intimidating, but, as the smartphone market continues to grow, so will the need for email marketing campaigns tailored to mobile screens. Since 2010, the number of smartphone owners using mobile Internet has grown rapidly, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

According to Litmus, around 43 percent of all email campaigns are now read on mobile devices, compared to 36.1 percent on webmail clients and 19.4 percent on desktop PCs. This statistic confirms that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can no longer be ignored by email marketers, and should be the main focus of all email marketers.

So, what is mobile email marketing and how can you optimize your emails to be read on mobile devices?

First, we define mobile email marketing, and what’s with the new buzzword. Mobile email marketing is the process of optimizing your email marketing templates to become mobile-first or easily accessible to mobile device users. The process, which is also known as responsive email, involves creating email design with special coding that allows text and images to display perfectly across different mobile platforms, Android, Apple’s iOS, etc.

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Now, come to the hard one, how can you optimize your emails to be read on mobile devices? I listed eight tips on how to create a mobile-friendly email. Let’s make it short and quick, so you can easily apply it to your email marketing strategy.

  1. Check your subject line length
  2. Always pay attention to your pre-header text
  3. Keep your content short and concise
  4. Always keep your CTAs (call-to-action) and social media icons in the center and touch-friendly
  5. Let your content breathe, and leave enough room around the CTAs to make it more clickable
  6. Enlarge your fonts in order to consume your content easily
  7. Avoid using large images, they can use up your reader’s data at a quick rate
  8. Test email across multiple devices before sending it to your target audiences

To give you some useful info about the current state of the mobile email marketing market, check out the infographics ( special thanks to GetResponse).

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