Eclipse, a US-based technology company that enables developers to deploy their own customizable rollups using the Solana virtual machine, raised $15 million in pre-seed and seed funding.

The fresh capital will be used to grow the Eclipse ecosystem and to further promote technical development, hiring Rust engineers and expanding the business development team.

Tribe Capital and Tabiya led Eclipse’s $9 million seed round. They were joined by Infinity Ventures Crypto, Soma Capital, Struck Crypto, and CoinList among others. Eclipse’s $6 million pre-seed round was led by Polychain, with participation from Tribe Capital, Tabiya, Galileo, Polygon Ventures, and Accel.

In a released statement via the company’s press release, Boris Resvin, Managing Partner of Tribe Capital, said: “Eclipse is building the next generation of infrastructure for the upcoming wave of decentralized applications. As a protocol, if you want throughput at scale, you should consider using Eclipse. This is exactly the type of opportunity set, growth trajectory, and network effect we look for in Tribe Capital’s crypto incubator program.”

Founded in 2022 and based in San Francisco, California, Eclipse is a customizable blockchain platform powered by Solana that allows developers to build apps for Web2. Eclipse maximizes throughput, while also providing developers with the flexibility to customize their own balance of speed, decentralization, and cost. The company helps developers build their own customizable rollups powered by the Solana virtual machine, using any chain for security or data storage.

The company has received a development grant from the Solana Foundation to support the development of customizable rollups powered by the Solana virtual machine. It has also partnered with a series of major ecosystems including Celestia, EigenLayer, Oasis Labs, Polygon, Cosmos, and NEAR.

Eclipse was originally started as a portfolio company of Anagram, a venture capital fund founded by Lily Liu. The Eclipse team consists of Neel Somani, ex-Citadel quantitative researcher, ex-Airbnb software engineer, and Sam Thapaliya, founder of Zebec protocol, one of the most widely adopted applications on Solana.