Pixaera, a UK-based provider of the immersive game-based learning platform, is raising fresh capital to bring its immersive e-learning platform to the professional world. The company has raised $5.7 million in Seed funding.

According to the report, the funding consists of two rounds. The early-stage funding includes $1.2 million of pre-seeding and the seed round of $4.5 million, which was led by early-stage EMEA investor LocalGlobe. Other investors in the startup include the founders of FACEIT, the competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer games, ERM, a leader in the renewable energy services sector, and York IE.

Founded in 2020 by Mousa Yassin and based in London, UK, Pixaera is looking to bring e-learning into a new era, providing employees with a new way to enhance their skills through immersive play-based learning. The company provides businesses with a one-stop shop to build, deploy and measure immersive experiences at a global scale.

The new capital will be used to grow its team of gaming and software developers, and also, to further advance the product.