Hotjar, a leading customer experience management platform, today announced that it has acquired UX research platform PingPong for an undisclosed amount. The deal will bring user research capabilities to Hotjar’s customers to help them prioritize product improvements. With PingPong, Hotjar’s customers will also gain access to a panel of over 175,000 respondents, allowing them to uncover insights and pain points that would be very difficult or expensive to find. No other product currently offers all of these features in one platform.

Founded in 2017, and based in London, UK, PingPong is a user research platform that helps businesses carry out great product research by finding and scheduling user interviews and product testing with users from all over the world.

In a released statement in the company’s press release, Mohannad Ali, CEO of Hotjar, said: “This integration adds a critical layer of insight to product development strategy: directly testing your product face-to-face with the people who matter the most, the end users.”

“It also allows product teams to add value by finding opportunities, sorting the data and acting upon it quickly,” CEO Mohannad Ali added.

“PingPong and Hotjar share a vision for the future of product experience and that is to give every business the power to create online experiences people love,” Zsolt Kocsmarszky, Founder and CEO of PingPong, said in the released statement.

“We’re excited to join the Hotjar team and look forward to what the future holds as we continue to build innovative solutions that help product teams around the world better understand, empathize with, and speak to their users,” PingPong CEO Zsolt Kocsmarszky continued.

Traditional website analytics tools only help businesses analyze website traffic data, and don’t provide valuable information about what visitors really do on their websites. This is exactly where Hotjar comes in.

The company builds solutions that help online businesses understand their users. It provides businesses with a unique mix of quantitative and qualitative data gathered through tools such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys. It helps businesses analyze visitors’ user behavior to uncover successful elements and pinpoint underperforming pages.

Founded in 2014, and based in St. Julian’s, Malta, Hotjar is a leading cloud-based behavioral analytics solution designed to help small businesses and organizations track and analyze visitor’s behavior and experiences, providing them everything they need on how to improve their website’s user experiences, and content engagement.

Hotjar is a self-funded, fully remote/distributed company. Hotjar is run by a global team of over 310 people working remotely throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa. The company’s SaaS-based Product Experience Insights software is used on more than 900,000 websites worldwide. In July 2021, Contentsquare, the leading experience analytics solution, acquired the Malta-based Hotjar to bring business-critical insights to all businesses.