Penguin Solutions, the SGH brand that specializes in AI, HPC, and IoT Technologies, announced that its Penguin Computing group has acquired all software and intellectual property assets of Colorado Code Craft, a US-based provider of secure remote work and collaboration software solutions for consumers and enterprises. The amount of the deal was not disclosed to the public. The deal will expand Penguin’s growing portfolio of innovative AI, HPC, and cloud-based software offerings.

Based in Fremont, California, Penguin Computing specializes in innovative and emerging technologies for the world’s most demanding workloads. The company provides advanced Linux-based HPC, enterprise data center, and cloud solutions for high-performance computing applications.

The two companies have been working together since 2014 when they worked together collaborated to deliver Penguin’s Scyld Cloud Workstation™ VDI platform based on Colorado Code Craft technology. The companies have expanded their partnership to include numerous follow-on software releases and updates.

In a released statement, Thomas Ruge, founder and CEO of Colorado Code Craft, said: “After a decade of developing remote visualization platforms and expanding innovative solutions for customers, we are very excited to become a part of Penguin Solutions.”

“Together we will expand our customer base with both enterprise customers and technology partners into industries such as media/entertainment and distributed design/engineering that rely on the seamless remote application experience that we can provide,” added CEO Thomas Ruge.

In addition, the platform will also be integrated with Penguin’s newly-launched Scyld Cloud Central™ platform and will be made available for use on the Google Cloud Platform, POD, and by Penguin customers leveraging dedicated HPC/AI cluster environments within their data center or co-location facilities, according to the company’s press release.