iThera Medical, a leading developer of optoacoustic imaging solutions for the medical industry, has secured a €13 million funding round. TRUMPF Venture led this latest funding round, with participation from EIC Fund, and existing investors Wachstumsfonds Bayern, Occident, Falk Strascheg Holding, Mey Capital Matrix, BayBG, and Fluxunit.

The newly-raised funds will be used to develop an MSOT device designed for routine clinical use. The funding will also be used to secure regulatory approval for deployment in the United States and Europe.

Founded in 2010, and based in Munich, Germany, iThera Medical develops and markets biomedical imaging systems for preclinical and clinical research. The company has developed Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT), an imaging technology solution that utilizes the photoacoustic effect – describing the conversion of light energy into sound waves – to visualize optical contrast, at high resolution in deep tissue. The MSOT technology is used in the study of disease processes on a molecular level and it promises to become a valuable diagnostic tool for a variety of diseases, including melanoma, inflammatory bowel disease, neuromuscular disease, and breast cancer.

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