In our increasingly digital age, online donations have become a popular way for charities and non-profit organizations looking to raise more funds for their charitable works. Having a website donation plugin to manage these online donations helps you increase efficiency and collect more funds.

You can easily start accepting online donations on your website using a website donation plugin. A WordPress donation plugin offers the perfect platform for non-profit organizations looking to collect more donations, and unlike third-party tools or traditional fundraising platforms, you keep all of the collected donations, no middleman.

The good news is that we have tons of WordPress donation plugins available on the market that can help you address your fundraising needs. But we’re not going to mention it all, that would take lots of time and effort. Instead, we’re going to focus on one big fundraising plugin tool that can surely help you meet your fundraising goals. I hope you found the donation plugin mentioned in this article a viable solution for your needs.

Image Credit: GiveWP

Meet GiveWP and the recent GiveWP 2.22.0 update
Increasing fundraising collection is a hugely challenging task that requires tons of work. But with the right tools, it is possible to raise more funds. GiveWP, a leading fundraising solution for WordPress websites, helps you raise funds easily and quickly, without any hassle. This full-featured WordPress donation plugin allows you to take one-time and recurring donations, right on your WordPress website, in any currency at any time, and from anywhere.

The plugin provides donation subscription services, a full analytics reporting system, donor management, payment history, integration with Divi, and plugin support with Mailchimp and other email marketing tools (you can check their website for more about support for email marketing tools).

GiveWP is currently installed in over 100,000 WordPress websites, making it one of the most widely-used WordPress donation plugins in the market. The company has a history of success. In fact, it already helped non-profit organizations raise over $100 million in 2019.

The free version of GiveW will let you quickly launch donation solutions right on your WordPress website, with no coding experience needed. The free version also allows you to create professional-looking donation forms and offers a detailed reports page that shows key figures such as the number of donors, donation revenue, average donation amount, refunds, and more.

Last year, the company launched GiveWP version 2.22.0, which brings upgrades, fixes, and new exciting features like the new integration with SendWP to help fundraisers with WordPress email deliverability. Additionally, the company also announced support for Google Analytics 4.

GiveWP improves email marketing
Email remains one of the most widely used digital tools for online marketing, outreach strategy, and communication. According to recent studies conducted by TruConversion, email continues to offer the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy.

Email marketing is the most effective channel to prove accountability, generate a return on investment (ROI), boost revenue, overcome objections, and build donor trust. Nonprofit organizations have specific needs when it comes to email marketing tools. Unlike online businesses and ecommerce firms, email for nonprofits focuses more on generating more donations rather than selling products or services. That’s why it is very important for nonprofit organizations to choose the email platform that meets their communication needs rather than looking for the best email marketing product.

To help fundraisers and non-profit organizations with their email deliverability issues, GiveWP announced a new integration with SendWP, a transactional email service used to fix WordPress email deliverability issues. So there’s no need to worry about emails landing in the spam folder. Setting up a SendWP connection is simple, GiveWP is making the process much easier for anyone- a one-click setup.

GiveWP now supports GA4
Recently, Google announced plans to sunset Universal Analytics and 360 Universal Analytics. To cope with big changes, GiveWP is announcing support for Google Analytics 4, which provides more flexibility and advanced analytics features that can help organizations succeed in the fast-evolving digital space. The new update also allows the categorization of donation types.

First introduced by Google in 2012, Universal Analytics lets domain tracking for websites relatively simple and accurate. Unfortunately, Universal Analytics is using a measurement methodology that is already obsolete. That’s why Google is working on a next-generation online measurement solution Google Analytics 4 (GA4)to replace Universal Analytics. GiveWP is giving website owners the easiest way to transition to Google Analytics 4, providing them a smoother transition and avoiding interruption.

And finally, the GiveWP 2.22.0 update also introduced significant improvements in Fields API and Gateway API. It also addressed fixed edge-case errors.