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Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants

Intelligent Assistants (IAs) are now part of nearly every organization’s strategy to improve customer experience and employee productivity. But faced with a diverse and complex marketplace, decision-makers need a way to effectively evaluate and compare the leading solution providers, based on the criteria that truly matter.

Download the report to get the detailed assessment and see why Nuance was recognized as “Best in Class” and given the highest assessment amongst its peers for “completeness of services, features, and scaling capabilities” to support both consumer and agent experiences. Get the free IT report: Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants

The ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report 2022

Webinars are one of the most powerful tools for creating more engagement, collecting more data, and driving more efficiency out of your marketing efforts. But what does a good webinar program look like and what can you do to have your webinars stand out from the competition? In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Pre- and post-webinar benchmarks, detailing how audiences consume live and on-demand content
  • The most popular day to send promotional emails for webinars
  • Insights on how to optimize your webinar program for engagement 

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Forrester: Invest In Your First-Party Data Strategy To Drive Results And Ensure Privacy

Evolving data requirements are changing the way marketers use customer data. Privacy regulations and shifting business objectives make it difficult for even the most seasoned marketing professionals to craft an impactful data plan.

To drive revenue, B2B organizations must create a strategy for collecting, managing, and using first-party data. The Forrester report, “Invest In Your First-Party Data Strategy To Drive Results And Ensure Privacy,” provides the roadmap.

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B2B Trends: Scaling Your ABX Strategy

Account-based marketing has been a staple of marketing strategies for some time. But in today’s digital-first world, making ABM work well increasingly means carefully crafting account-based experiences.

To learn how marketers can kickstart — or even scale — their ABX program, we sat down with a panel of experts from ON24, Netline, and Demandbase and developed our latest B2B Trends Report, “Scaling Your ABX Strategy.” In this report, you’ll learn how today’s digital B2B marketers feel about their account-based campaigns and discover expert insight that can help you boost your ABM efforts.

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2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Healthcare Industry Report

An at-a-glance look at the healthcare IT agenda and how teams are meeting demands in another challenging year. IT leaders evaluate needs and solutions to address multiple projects, goals, and realities in quickly shifting healthcare environments. Service Express, a leading global data center solutions provider, shares survey feedback on priorities, challenges, maintenance, cost-saving measures, and more in this 2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Healthcare Industry Report. Key findings include:

  • Strengthening security is a top priority
  • Security, talent, and data center compliance are top challenges
  • Data center consolidation is a top cost-saving measure

Download this overview report to compare what other healthcare IT professionals are focusing on with your own plans and efforts.   

2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report

In 2021 alone, 85% of organizations suffered from a successful cyberattack, according to the 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report. This year’s report examines the continued growth of these challenges and how security professionals are increasingly looking to cloud-based security solutions to overcome them. CyberEdge surveyed 1,200 IT security professionals representing 17 countries and 19 industries to understand their perceptions of the industry’s risks, practices, and technology.

Get your free copy of the 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report and learn how you should deploy and invest in security for your business for 2022 and beyond.

The State of Malware Threats

Threat actors ramped up malware attacks over the past 12 months to try and take advantage of gaps in enterprise security caused by the accelerated use of cloud services and remote work models. The attacks left many IT and cybersecurity leaders feeling insecure about their organization’s security posture.

Download this report from Dark Reading to find out how cybersecurity teams are they are dealing with malware-related challenges.

Accelerate Business Value by Moving to the Cloud

The global pandemic has forever changed the operational reality for businesses in every industry and geography. This report highlights how businesses are responding to the opportunities and challenges created by the virtuous circle of change and innovation.

  • A virtuous circle of change and innovation creates urgent demand for greater speed and agility across entire supply and value chains.
  • A lack of collaboration and communication can stifle innovation.
  • Businesses need secure access to more data sources to support design and manufacturing processes.
  • Digital transformation changes how people interact with each other to efficiently deliver a continuous flow of innovative products.
  • Cloud platforms infused with digital technologies, including machine learning and analytics, improve collaboration and enable secure data sharing across distributed teams.

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