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7 Best Reminder Apps For Android

In this busy and mundane lifestyle, we all are too busy to keep a tab on what to do next. During this time we all need someone to remind us of important things like making an appointment, attending a party, paying bills, sending out an invitation and so on. These apps not only help you to free up your mind space but also keep a tab for you.

And for that, your smartphone can be your savior. There are so many apps out there that can help you out during these times.
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Here are the Best Reminder Apps For Android:

  • Any.do
  • Google Keep
  • Todoist
  • Just Reminder with Alarm
  • To Do Reminder with Alarm
  • BZ Reminder
  • TickTick

1. Any.do
Millions of users use this app to stay organized in their life and get more and more done. It’s free to do list, calendar and reminder app that will make life easier for you. People can use this app to add a task and track them, create smart lists, plan their day and collaborate on shared photos.

Main Features:
1. Add tasks and manage shared projects.
2. Label to-do’s with colors to set priorities & categories.
3. Prioritize tasks on your checklist with a daily planner.
4. Add & review to-do’s instantly with a home-screen widget.
5. Receive meetings follow-up reminders to handle important action items.

2. Google Keep
This is an intuitive, useful and practical note app that you need to keep your life sorted. With over 100 million downloads this app by the Giant Google is the best you can have.

Main Features:
1. Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer, and Android Wearables. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices so your thoughts are always with you.
2. Available everywhere.
3. Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and get on with your life. If you need to find something you saved, a simple search will turn it up.
4. Easily plan that surprise party by sharing your Keep notes with others and collaborating on them in real time.
5. Add notes, lists, and photos to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you can find it later.

3. Todoist
With Todoist you can track everything you do from simple errands to big projects. You can get things done and enjoy more peace along the way. Its clean, fast and easy to use too.

Main Features:
1. Capture and organize tasks into your to-do list the moment they pop into your head.
2. Remember important deadlines and build lasting habits with powerful recurring due dates like “every second Monday.
3. Free up mental space by delegating tasks and errands to people in your shared projects.
4. Highlight your day’s most important activities with color-coded priority levels.
5. See an overview of your daily and weekly accomplishments with beautifully customized productivity graphs.

4. Just reminder with alarm
This is a simple all in one reminder app for Android to just remind you everything at a specific time. With Backup and reminder, it will remind you of any important thing that you might forget.

Main Features:
1. Can set ToDo / Task Reminders, Phone Call Reminders, Birthday Reminders, Anniversary
2. Reminders and Bills Reminders with just a few clicks.
3. Customizable Repeat Intervals like the repeat every few minutes, hours, day, specific weekdays, weeks, months, years and many more.
4. Customize each reminder with image, specific ringtone or Talking Alarm tone.
5. You will not miss any reminder with LED blink (if device supports) and Auto-Snooze feature.
6. With Backup & Restore, you can save all your reminders to SDCard, as mail attachments or upload to Drive.

5. To do Reminder with Alarm
If you wanna make your life easier then this is the app for you. It’s a quick, simple and easy to use reminder app with an alarm to keep you on your activities. This app can help you to remind daily todo tasks, meetings, homework, important calls etc.

Main Features:
1. Customize your reminder in your own way with repeat options minute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly.
2. You can choose reminder alert as Notification or Alarm.
3. Can smartly handle your reminder notification in case of Driving Car etc for your safe drive.
4. Can smartly handle your reminder notification in case of Driving Car etc for your safe drive.
5. You can see all reminder notes on the home screen using app widget.

6. BZ Reminder
With the help of this app, you can remember everything important that you wanna be reminded of. You can easily increase your productivity and control all the tasks. Made for those who want to do their task effectively.

Main Features:
1. You can set a reminder every hour, for example, “drink water.” This can help you to drink more water and feel better.
2. Android wear smartwatch support: create a reminder with voice recognition, snooze or complete it right from a smartwatch.
3. Missed call reminder.
4. Snooze tasks.
5. Repeating / Recurring Tasks.

7. TickTick
TickTick is here to help you make the most of your day and get things done. Whether there is an idea you wanna capture, personal goals to achieve, work to do or just create a small thing like making a grocery list.

Main Features:
1. Keep it all organized and know what to do in to do list.
2. Make checklists and notes.
3. Prioritize goals and focus on the what really matters to do it tomorrow.
4. Attach photos, records, and other attachments.
5. Swipe a task to quickly edit, long press to batch edit.

These are the best apps for reminders if you have any app suggestions or any topic you want us to cover put it down below too.

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How To Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts In One Android Phone

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company has probably become the most important app that smartphone users have at this time. It is surely no less than a lifeline today. Be it quick messaging or live video and audio calling, WhatsApp covers them all. So there are no questions raised that why this app has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide.

And because of so many utilities and features, there is an obvious urge in some people to have 2 WhatsApp accounts. This helps them to keep their personal and professional life apart. So for this solution, many people use two different sets of mobiles. The main reason for opting for this solution is because WhatsApp allows the app access only via one number on a phone. This means you cannot use two WhatsApp in one single smartphone. As you will be running your WhatsApp with the same number you have signed up with. But it is a bit of a hassle to use WhatsApp on two different smartphones and in checking them every time.
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So what if you want to run two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone? Is owning two mobiles the only solution? Of course, not there are more convenient solutions that will help you to tackle this situation. And in this article, you will be getting the 2 most popular methods that will help you to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on one Android Smartphone.
Note: You need to have Dual Sim cards for using these methods.

Method 1 – Multiple User Profiles in Android
The first method is all related to your Android smartphone. Nowadays, there are a number of Android mobiles that comes with an inbuilt feature called Clone App, Second Space, Twin App, and so on. So, what this feature does, is that it will help you to create a second space on your mobile. Or either will help you too, twin an application which is installed on your smartphone.

Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts In One Android Phone

How to run 2 WhatsApp Accounts on one Android smartphone (First method):
1. Install WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
2. Go to your phone’s settings feature.
3. Among all the settings, look for Dual All, Twin App, Second Space or Parrel Space feature, etc. (this can be in the ‘System and Device’ section).
4. A list of apps that support this feature will pop up. Turn the toggle on for WhatsApp.
5. The second WhatsApp will now be visible.
6. Tap on agree and continue and allow WhatsApp to access your files and contacts.
7. Now for the sign-up, the app will ask for your phone number, so remember to give your second phone number.
8. After this, your 2nd WhatsApp will run with your second phone number on just one smartphone.
So this is how you can run two WhatsApp with different phone numbers on one phone.
But what if your phone doesn’t support app cloning?

Method 2 – Parallel Space Application
If you’re unable to find this feature on your smartphone then the second method comes in handy at such times. You just need to download the Parallel Space app from the Google Play Store. So as the name suggests, this app will help you to create a parallel space on your mobile. And will allow you to clone different applications.

Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts In One Android Phone

Here are the steps to using this app:
1. First, install the Parallel Space app from Google Play Store. Once you installed the app it will directly take you to the clone app section.
2. Select WhatsApp and tap the ‘Add To Parallel Space’ button.
3. Next, you will be taken to the parallel space, where the app runs in a virtual install on your phone.
4. Now continue to set up WhatsApp as described above.

So with these simple steps, you can easily use WhatsApp and also other apps by accessing them through the Parallel Space app.

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7 Best Free Yoga Apps for Android 2019

Yoga is an ancient art where you through poses, you enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual state. Recently, Yoga has started to reach everywhere, throughout the world and people have started recognizing the value yoga has on our daily lives. The 21st of June is even recognized as World Yoga Day.

The number of yoga practitioners in America has gone up from 20.4 million in 2012 to almost 37 million in 2016. This number is expected to grow even further and reach up to 55 million yoga participants by 2020. It’s easy to see why yoga is taking the world by storm: flexibility, stress relief, physical fitness and better health are just a fraction of its advantages.

The impact of yoga is visible in the world of mobile apps too as there are numerous ways to get involved.

Whether you’re an aspiring or a seasoned yogi, having your favorite yoga app on the phone is a delight you shouldn’t miss.

People all around the world started attending yoga classes and the costing of these classes went high. Yoga was never supposed to be a paid commodity and that is why, here, we are going to review 7 Best Yoga Apps for Android that will help you keep fit and healthy. Using these free yoga apps for Android, you can get the information about different yoga types and how to do it, sitting at home without even paying a penny. All you need is an exercise mat and a little space, that’s it. You are all ready to get cracking.

Here are the 7 Best Yoga Apps for Android in 2018
1. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans
The Daily Yoga App gives you various different kinds of yoga poses or yoga asanas. There are more than 500 yoga asanas and more than 50 yoga class plans available as well. It helps you lose weight through yoga and has tips on how to sleep peacefully and also on how you can relax. This is one of the Best Free Yoga Apps for Android and has over 5 Million downloads on Google Play Store.

Main Features

  • Daily Yoga App has more than 500+ yoga asanas, 50+ yoga class plans, and 200+ yoga classes with video.
  • Has seven different languages to this yoga app like English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, and French.
  • Also, has various mediation and yoga-based soothing songs to help you relax.
  • Scheduled plans for boot camp, body toning, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, meditation etc.
  • Google Fit support.

2. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
Even though Yoga Studio App is not completely free, you can enjoy 2 weeks for a free trial and then decide if you want to enroll in it. The app is very easy to use and has a very simple design and all you have to do is, download the app to get started. In this yoga app, you can select different kinds of plans and yoga classes, which vary from Beginner, Advanced, and Intermediate.

Main Features

  • A unique addition called Hip Hop Yoga.
  • Video Tutorials of yoga and meditation classes in full HD Resolution.
  • 280 yoga poses with detailed advice and instructions.
  • Be fit and healthy with the daily and weekly class scheduling feature.
  • Track your fitness goals with daily, weekly class scheduling.

3. Yoga – Poses & Classes
Yoga – Poses & Classes is one of the great free yoga apps available for Android users. It has HD videos of all the yoga asanas. You can search for asanas that will help improve a certain part of your body, like focus, ability, etc. This app has the option of choosing the time of each class from 10 mins to 30 mins.

Main Features

  • Allows you to create unlimited custom classes that have full videos on it.
  • Allows you to focus on flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • 111 Poses developed and thought by qualified yoga instructors.
  • Allows you to play your classes on your Smart TV through AirPlay or Chromecast.

4. 5 Minute Yoga
5 Minute Yoga is a perfect yoga app for your busy schedule. This app utilizes only 5 mins of your time and allows you to keep your mind and body fit and healthy. It is very easy to use and has videos to let you see the yoga asanas and practice alongside. Each session of this free yoga app takes less than 5 minutes and keeps you salubrious as well. 5-minute yoga is considered one of the best yoga apps for Android as well as iPhone users.

Main Features

  • Minute sessions allow you to do yoga at any time.
  • Free Yoga App with pose tutorials.
  • Regular yoga practices that focus on improving flexibility, strength, toning muscles, and helps in reducing stress.
  • The best yoga asanas put together to get you the maximum output in just 5 minutes.

5. Yoga for weight loss – Lose weight program at home
Yoga for weight loss is a great Yoga app for Android which focuses on burning that excess fat chunks in your body. With over 50 yoga poses which are optimal for weight loss, this free yoga app brings you an amazing set of plans to reduce your weight and helps you stay healthy and also fit and stress-free.

Main Features

  • Has a notification system which reminds you to exercise and plan your weight loss so you won’t miss a session.
  • Has a virtual coach which will show how to do the yoga asanas perfectly.
  • Free Yoga Tutorials with pose images.
  • Different difficulty levels in your training help you pick among vary fat loss programs.

6. Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan
This is one of our favorites, it has an amazing look and feels to it. Yoga Daily Fitness App is a very simple and easy to use Free Yoga App and has step by step instructions on how to practice and do exercises. It helps you improve your flexibility, muscle strength, protect your spine, increase blood flow, helps decrease stress and helps you focus, etc.

Main Features

  • You can set reminders to let you know when you have scheduled your session.
  • Has a 30-day yoga plan with video as well.
  • It has a couple of soothing music to help you relax while you do yoga and fitness.
  • Plan daily yoga sessions to keep your mind and body fit.

7. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere
This is a unique and different app for yoga fitness. It shows you poses of yoga with a video which describes the poses from an animal perspective and helps you realize the usefulness of that pose. You can set new routines every day and can customize your fitness regime based on what type of yoga you want to do. Down Dog is one of the Best Free Yoga Apps and has over 500,000+ Android users.

Main Features

  • Video feature to it showing the animal side of the poses.
  • Daily Fitness planner allows you to plan your daily yoga sessions.
  • Gives personalized workout and changes it every now and then to keep you interested in the workout.
  • Free Yoga Tutorials.

These 7 apps are the top and the Best Yoga Apps for Android available to you for free. After you use them you can be sure to find out that the health and fitness of your mind and body are all in order. Doing yoga can help you keep away a lot of different diseases as well. So, download these apps, try it, because we are sure that you will choose one of these apps to be your yoga fitness instructor.

Which Yoga Apps are you using in your Android Smartphone? Do share with us in the comments.

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