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Manu Heirbaut Joins Datadobi as Company’s Vice President of Engineering

Heirbaut to build on the company’s product success to drive more opportunities for Datadobi and its customers

Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data management, today announced the appointment of Manu Heirbaut as the company’s Vice President of Engineering. Heirbaut takes over the role of Datadobi Chief Architect and co-founder Kim Marivoet to allow Marivoet to focus 100% on architecting the future products of unstructured data management that enterprises urgently need.

Heirbaut will continue to build on the company’s long history of product success and innovation and be responsible for making sure that they meet the highest quality that Datadobi has become known for. He will report directly to Ian Leysen, CEO of Datadobi.

In 2022, Datadobi reached the milestone of having over 1,000+ enterprise customers. The dedicated role of Vice President of Engineering is now needed to ensure that Datadobi can scale its engineering team to meet the demands of its rapidly growing customer base.

Heirbaut’s appointment comes shortly after Datadobi announced the launch of StorageMAP, a new solution that provides a single pane of glass for organizations to manage unstructured data across their complete data storage estate whether on-premises or in the cloud. The software, built upon Datadobi’s best-in-class vendor-neutral unstructured data mobility engine, enables end-users to visualize, organize, and act on their data in hybrid vendor and cloud environments. StorageMAP puts companies in control of their data’s cost, carbon footprint, risk, and value.

“With the introduction of StorageMAP, Datadobi has solidified our position as the leader of the emerging unstructured data management market. StorageMAP, and our flagship product DobiMigrate, truly help enterprises harness the power of their unstructured data,” said Ian Leysen, CEO, at Datadobi. “As we continue to build upon our experience, we look forward to relying on Manu’s expertise to drive customer success around the world.”

Heirbaut brings over 20 years of experience in software development and building international engineering teams to Datadobi. Prior to joining the company, Heirbaut worked at companies such as Inventive Designers, Telenet, and Sungard. Most recently, Heirbaut served as the Director of Engineering at Unifiedpost Group.

“By now we all know that unstructured data is growing out of control. IT leaders are now questioning how they can truly manage their unstructured data in our multi-vendor, multi-cloud world,” said Heirbaut. “I look forward to expanding StorageMAP and working with the Datadobi team to truly give our customers the complete and highest quality solution they are looking for.”

The addition of Heirbaut and the Vice President of Engineering role comes in a period of global expansion for Datadobi. Notable announcements recently include Datadobi and Climb Channel Solutions expanding their partnership agreement across EMEA and the appointment of Matthias Nijs as Vice President of EMEA sales.

About Datadobi
Founded in 2010 and based in Leuven, Belgium, Datadobi is a global leader in unstructured data management software and services. The company’s enterprise-class software allows organizations to transition to new storage technology quickly and safely and to protect their unstructured data on any NAS or any cloud. To learn more, please visit https://datadobi.com/.

Datadobi Enables CBX to Migrate Entire Distributed Data Storage Infrastructure

DobiMigrate Ensures Data Security and Integrity Objectives Met During Migration; Cuts Months Off Project Timeline

Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data management software, today announced that the CBX agency has migrated its entire distributed data storage infrastructure with DobiMigrate enterprise-class migration software for network-attached storage (NAS) and object data. In doing so, CBX now enjoys greatly expanded features and functionality, including greatly enhanced data security and support for cloud tiering.

Recently, the NetApp data storage platform and associated software on which CBX had long relied was end-of-life. This meant that no additional firmware, patches, or upgrades would be made available. In addition, warranty support would soon come to an end. CBX decided that its best option would be to remain with NetApp and upgrade to the vendor’s newest platform. In doing so, it would not only remain with a brand it trusted but CBX would also benefit from increased capabilities and heightened security. With this decision made, the next critical consideration was how best to migrate the NAS data from its existing data storage environments to the new. The data migration would involve the entirety of CBX’s client and internal business production data housed across two geographically dispersed locations in Minneapolis and New York City.

CBX reached out to their technology vendor SHI, for a recommendation on how best to proceed. SHI highly recommended Datadobi, and its DobiMigrate enterprise-class migration software for NAS and object data.

“SHI assured us that DobiMigrate could be trusted to deliver in the most complex and demanding environments while ensuring that we meet our data security and integrity objectives for migration to our new storage,” said Don Piraino, IT Manager, CBX. “The fact that Datadobi is also vendor-agnostic and has the ability to move data from any vendor’s platform to another heterogeneous platform on-prem, remote, or in the cloud added to my comfort level. It is nice knowing that I am not locked into any one vendor. But more importantly for me, this spoke to Datadobi’s industry-unique experience managing diverse migrations across many different platforms and environments.”

“We couldn’t allow even a moment of downtime or loss of data availability of any kind. The migration involved every single piece of CBX data – from client to CBX business data, spread across two geographically dispersed locations,” Piraino explained. “Typically, we use NetApp SnapMirror, but we knew it wasn’t the answer for this level of migration. With DobiMigrate, we finished in weeks, rather than in months, with not even one hiccup.”

When asked what advice Piraino would offer others contemplating an enterprise-class data migration, he replied, “We had a Datadobi Implementation Specialist dedicated to ensuring the success of our migration initiative… Having that level of expertise was invaluable. Nothing happened without Datadobi making sure it was being done correctly. It was such a load off my mind.”

Piraino concluded, “The final cutover was really smooth – with absolutely zero impact on any of our team’s work. We completed it on a Friday evening. And on Saturday morning, everything was up and running. When you, your internal users, and your boss feel zero pain, that’s always a good thing.”

To read the CBX case study in its entirety, please visit https://datadobi.com/case-studies/.

About CBX
Based in New York and Minneapolis, the CBX agency provides award-winning brand positioning and product portfolio architecture, identity design, corporate branding, package, and private label design, and retail activation services to some of the most beloved brands in the world. CBX clients include a number of fortune 500 clients who have trusted CBX to powerfully, visually connect their brands with the lives of their consumers. CBX believes that nurturing a culture of creative minds, dirty hands, straight talk, and good manners inspires its team to find innovative ways to connect clients to the people who make their businesses thrive. To learn more, please visit https://cbx.com.

About Datadobi
Founded in 2010 and based in Leuven, Belgium, Datadobi is a global leader in unstructured data management software and services. The company’s enterprise-class software allows organizations to transition to new storage technology quickly and safely and to protect their unstructured data on any NAS or any cloud. To learn more, please visit https://datadobi.com/.

Imply Announces Polaris, a Cloud Database Service for Modern Analytics Applications; Plus, Major Expansion for Apache Druid

New DBaaS reimagines the developer experience for analytics applications with instant access, intelligent operations, and built-in streaming with Confluent Cloud; Apache Druid extends its leadership as the most capable database for analytics applications

Burlingame, CA – March 1, 2022Imply, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Druid®, today unveiled at a virtual event the first milestone in Project Shapeshift, the 12-month initiative designed to solve the most pressing issues developers face when building analytics applications. The announcement includes a cloud database service built from Apache Druid and the private preview of a multi-stage query engine for Druid. Together, these innovations show how Imply delivers the most developer-friendly and capable database for analytics applications.

Developers are increasingly at the forefront of analytics innovation, driving an evolution in analytics beyond traditional BI and reporting to modern analytics applications. These applications—fueled by the digitization of businesses—are being built for real-time observability at scale for cloud products and services, next-gen operational visibility for security and IT, revenue-impacting insights and recommendations, and for extending analytics to external customers. Apache Druid has been the database of choice for analytics applications trusted by developers of 1000+ companies including Netflix, Confluent, and Salesforce.

“Today, we are at an inflection point with the adoption of Apache Druid as every organization now needs to build modern analytics applications,” said Fangjin Yang, CEO and co-founder, Imply. “This is why it’s now time to take Druid to the next level. Project Shapeshift is all about making things easier for developers, so they can drive the analytics evolution inside their companies.”

While developers have turned to Apache Druid to power interactive data experiences on streaming and batch data with limitless scale, Imply saw a tremendous opportunity to simplify the end-to-end developer experience and extend the Druid architecture to power more analytics use cases for applications from a single database.

Real-Time Database as a Service Built from Apache Druid

Building analytics applications involves operational work for software development and engineering teams across deployment, database operations, lifecycle management and ecosystem integration. For databases, cloud database services have become the norm as they remove the burden of infrastructure from cluster sizing to scaling and shift the consumption model to pay-as-you-use.

Imply Polaris, however, is a cloud database service reimagined from the ground up to simplify the developer experience for analytics applications end-to-end. Much more than cloudifying Apache Druid, Polaris drives automation and intelligence that delivers the performance of Druid without needing expertise, and it provides a complete, integrated experience that simplifies everything from streaming to visualization. Specifically, Polaris introduces:

  • Fully-Managed Cloud Service – Developers can build modern analytics applications without needing to think about the underlying infrastructure. No more sizing and planning required to deploy and scale the database. Developers can start ingesting data and building applications in just a few minutes.
  • Database Optimization – Developers get all the performance of Druid they need without having to turn knobs. The service automates configurations and tuning parameters and includes built-in performance monitoring that ensures the database is optimized for every query in the application. 
  • Single Development Experience – Developers get a seamless, integrated experience to build analytics applications from streaming to visualization. A built-in, push-based streaming service via Confluent Cloud and visualization engine integrated into a single UI makes it simple to connect to data sources and build rich, interactive applications. 

“Polaris is built on the core tenets of Apache Druid—flexibility, efficiency, and resiliency—and packages them into a cloud service that deploys instantly, scales effortlessly, and doesn’t require any Druid expertise, enabling any developer to build modern analytics applications,” said Jad Naous, chief product officer, Imply.

“We chose Apache Druid to power our analytics application to get real-time traffic visibility across one of the world’s largest global tier-1 IP backbones,” said Paolo Lucente, big data architect at the global IP network division of NTT Ltd. “We are looking forward to deploying Imply Polaris to continue to get the interactivity we need on a simple cloud-based service without having to worry about maintenance.”

Evolving the Druid Architecture

From its inception, Druid has uniquely enabled developers to build highly interactive and concurrent applications at scale, powered by a query engine built for always-on applications with a sub-second performance at TB to PB+ scale. Increasingly, however, developers need data exports, reporting, and advanced alerting included with their applications, requiring additional data processing systems to deploy and manage.

Today, Imply introduces a private preview of a multi-stage query engine, a technical evolution for Druid that reinforces its leadership as the most capable database for analytics applications. The multi-stage query engine—in conjunction with the core Druid query engine—will extend Druid beyond interactivity to support the following new use cases in a single database platform:

  • Druid for Reporting – Improved ability to handle long-running, heavyweight queries gives users a single database for powering applications that require both interactivity and complex reports or data exports. Cost-control capabilities make these heavyweight queries affordable.
  • Druid for Alerting – Building on Druid’s longstanding capability to combine streaming and historical data, the multi-stage query engine enables alerting across a large number of entities with complex conditions at scale.
  • Simplified and More Capable Ingestion – Druid has always provided very high concurrency—very fast queries across large data sets. Using the same SQL language that Druid already supports for queries, the new multi-stage query engine enables simplified ingestion from object stores, including HDFS, Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google GCS with in-database transformation, making data ingestion easy without giving up any of Druid’s power to enable interactive conversations in modern data analytics applications.

“The multi-stage query engine represents the most significant evolution of Druid, an expansion of the architecture that makes it unparalleled in the industry,” said Gian Merlino, co-founder/CTO of Imply and Apache Druid PMC chair. “It brings both flexibilities as well as ease to the developer experience. I’m excited that the entire open source community will be able to take full advantage of it.”

Learn More

Product Availability:

  • Imply Polaris is Generally Available can be accessed via signup.imply.io
  • The new multi-stage query engine is in private preview and can be requested via contact@imply.io 

About Imply

At Imply, we are on a mission to help developers become the new heroes of analytics. Our unique database, built from Apache Druid, enables them to develop the next generation of analytics applications.  With Imply, developers can build without constraints as our database lets them create interactive data experiences on streaming and batch data with limitless scale and at the best economics.  Backed by leading investors including a16z and Bessemer Venture Partners, Imply is on a fast growth trajectory – disrupting the $100B database market – with customers including Twitter, Salesforce, Reddit, and Intercontinental Exchange. To learn more, please visit https://imply.io/.  

Meet GreenGeeks, A Unique Web Hosting Service In The Crowded Web Hosting Industry

In recent years, many companies and organizations have made progress toward adopting green technology or reducing their carbon footprint. Many of them are turning to green technologies and technology solution providers, like GreenGeeks, to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

GreenGeeks is a rare beast in today’s highly-contested web hosting business, fast, highly reliable, and eco-friendly. Best known for its green web hosting solutions, GreenGeeks has grown since 2008 to deliver one of the most reliable and affordable hosting services on the planet today.

Image Credit: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks, The Green Hosting Company
GreenGeeks is very popular due to its blazing fast and secure eco-friendly web hosting solution. The company has received numerous awards for its industry-leading eco-friendly hosting solution. Recently, US media publication CNET listed the company as “One of the Best Web Hosting Services for 2022”, you can visit CNET or GreenGeeks’ website for more about this award.

Founded in 2008 by CEO and tech entrepreneur Trey Gardner, GreenGeeks is the world’s number one green energy web hosting provider and has served more than 55000 customers with more than 600,000 websites. GreenGeeks is currently based in Agoura Hills, California and it runs multiple data centers in North America and Europe. The company has dedicated itself to leaving a positive environmental footprint. It has an offset of 300 percent renewable energy commitment which means that the company matches three times the amount of energy it uses from the power grid in the form of renewable energy credits.

What makes GreenGeeks a unique hosting platform

It’s environmental-friendly
GreenGeeks is a certified EPA Green Power Partner by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Aside from that, the company also works closely with companies and organizations in the environmental space to buy energy credits. The company has a partnership with Oregon-based Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a national non-profit organization that focuses on watershed restoration efforts, energy education, and renewable energy source. Green Geeks also works with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that focused on a global reforestation campaign, to help plant trees across the globe.

It offers extensive features and reliable infrastructure
GreenGeeks operates five highly secure, state-of-the-art, and eco-friendly data center centers in Phoenix (US), Chicago (US), Toronto (Canada), Montreal (Canada), and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). All five data centers are equipped with a climate control facility, 24/7 security monitoring, raised floors, water detection systems, fire suppression systems, and backup generators or power supply. It uses the latest server processors from Intel and networking technologies from Cisco and Juniper. The company offers a ton of features, everything you need to power your website.

First-class and affordable web hosting service
GreenGeeks offer affordable hosting service as well as huge discount. For $5.95 per month, you’ll get unlimited websites, unlimited webspace, unlimited amounts of everything. Plus free domain registration, free website migration (to help you take the web hosting platform for a test drive), 247 customer support, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is GreenGeeks a good pick for your hosting needs? Let’s check out and see why

GreenGeeks is one of the most popular and reliable web hosting providers available in the market, and it’s easy to see why this company is a good choice. They offer excellent features for bloggers and website owners looking to build their online presence.

GreenGeeks offers several different hosting plans depending on your needs and the type of website that you want to launch. This includes Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Reseller hosting. The company’s shared hosting plans, which are powered by Lite servers, are very popular due to rich features and aggressive pricing. One of the more interesting and popular ones is GreenGeeks’ PRO plan, which is perfect for growing websites or online businesses that need more speed and resources.

GreenGeeks is one of the few web hosting providers on Earth that use Lite speed servers (with LSCache) in all shared hosting plans, including the basic plan. All of the company’s servers run on super-fast quad-core processors and Solid-State Drive Accelerated RAID-10 local arrays.

To help its customers manage their sites from one place, GreenGeeks provides cPanel, including the Fantastico script library for one-click script installation, which has WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, among others. It also offers tutorials/help systems to help and guide novice users on technical things such as setting up email accounts, installing script options on the site, and other technical issues. There’s also a free website builder with hundreds of fully customizable templates and responsive themes designed for mobile devices. And SEO tools to help users with their SEO strategies and Google search ranking. Excellent server infrastructure and robust features, coupled with great pricing, make GreenGeeks a great contender and a top choice for your web hosting needs.

GreenGeeks boasts a broad range of web hosting services to help companies launch their websites and manage their online businesses more efficiently. It offers reliable and affordable green hosting solutions for you to choose from: WordPress hosting, Shared hosting VPS hosting, and Reseller hosting. Let’s find out more about these hosting plans below.

Shared Hosting Plan
This is GreenGeeks’ most affordable hosting option. The Lite Shared Hosting Plan ($2.95 a month) includes 50 GB of webspace, 50 email accounts, free SSL, free Nightly Backup, free CDN, unmetered bandwidth, and one year of free domain registration. Upgrading to the Pro Shared Hosting Plan ( $5.95 a month) would provide you with unlimited email accounts, unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, and a free domain name for one year. Ideal for people who want to run multiple websites.

If you have a high-traffic site or just looking to start your online store, then GreenGeeks’ Premium Shared Hosting Plan ($10.95 a month) is the best hosting plan for you. It has all the features the Pro Shared Hosting Plan has, which means that everything is unlimited in this plan. In addition, it comes with a dedicated IP.

VPS Hosting Plan
GreenGeeks’ fully managed VPS Hosting Plan comes in three options: the 2 GB Plan, 4 GB Plan, and 8 GB Plan. The most affordable 2 GB Plan ($39.95 a month) comes includes 2 GB of RAM, 4 core CPU, 10 TB of data transfer, and 50 GB of SSD webspace, providing you enough resources to host a couple of sites. In addition to that, you get free cPanel and auto-installer, so adding applications would be easy.

Like the 2 GB Plan, the 4 GB Plan (GreenGeeks’ best-selling managed VPS according to the company’s website) also comes with all the features, the only difference is that this plan brings 4 GB of RAM and 75 GB of SSD webspace. Pricing for a 4 GB Plan starts at $59.95 a month. If you’re looking for high-powered managed VPS hosting, then you should try GreenGeeks’ most expensive VPS hosting plan. The 8 GB Plan ($105.95 a month) includes all the features mentioned in the 2 GB and 4 GB Plans. But this plan brings much larger processing power: you get 8 GB of RAM along with 6 vCPU and 150 GB of SSD webspace.

WordPress Hosting
GreenGeeks’ WordPress hosting plan is continuously optimized for WordPress to ensure the best WordPress hosting experience ( 99.9 percent uptime guarantee). The plan comes with the one-click WordPress installation and automatic updates to help you install WordPress automatically on your WordPress hosting account. As mentioned on GreenGeeks, all WordPress hosting plans give you access to SSH access, Git, SFTP, WP-CLI, phpMyAdmin, a staging environment, and an option for multiple PHP versions.

Expect blazing fast hosting here, because your WordPress website will be utilized the LiteSpeed Web Server with LS Cache plugin, which improves your WordPress website speed, allowing it to load more quickly. GreenGeeks’ WordPress hosting utilizes SSD, the latest version of PHP, and HTTP/3.

The company uses cutting-edge security tools, such as Immunify360 and DDoS Protection, to keep your website secure. It provides 24/7 security monitoring. Your WordPress website will be monitored for malware and other cybersecurity threats. If detected by the company’s enhanced security system, it will notify you immediately. If infected, GreenGeeks will immediately spring into action to help you clean your WordPress website. Looking for technical help? Greengeeks’ team of expert WordPress support staff is always available (24/7) to assist and help you on technical things.

Dedicated Hosting Plan
Currently, GreenGeeks offers four dedicated server plans: Entry Server ($169/month), Standard Server ($269), Elite Server ($319), and Pro Server ($439). All four dedicated servers include 5IP addresses and 10 TB monthly data transfers, while disk space and memory vary from plan to plan ( You can visit GreenGeeks website for more about their Dedicated Hosting Plan). The company’s Dedicated servers are custom built for capacity, reliability, security, and speed. This ensures that you get all the resources you need to succeed. Let’s check out some of the big features.

Some of the Big Features (Dedicated Hosting Plan):
1. World-class DDoS protection keeps your site online even when the worst happens.

2. All servers use lightning-fast Solid State Drive (SSD) storage to guarantee fast access to your files and websites at all times.

3. Monitor your dedicated server 24/7 and let you know about any potential issues–before they become problems. GreenGeeks’ technical team is available to help you when you need it most, providing you with 24/7 customer support.

4. It offers a range of dedicated IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6), providing a faster way to build your own infrastructure or connect with other hosting providers.

5. Access your server’s command line from anywhere at any time.

6. 99.9% Uptime (Guarantee)

7. Tools to help you manage everything from one central location. GreenGeeks provide a utility manager to help you perform one-click WordPress installation.

Reseller Hosting Plan
If you’re looking to start your own web hosting business, GreenGeeks Reseller hosting plan can provide you with a good starting platform. The company offers three reseller hosting plans: RH-25, RH-50, and RH-80.

The RH-25 starts with $19.95 per month and comes with free SSL certificates and cPanel. You also get 60 GB of SSD of disk space, 600 GB of transfer, and 25 cPanel accounts.

RH-50 comes with 80 GB of SSD disk space and 800 GB of transfer. It gives you 50 cPanel accounts, along with the GreenGeeks’ technical support, and will cost you $24.95 a month.

RH-80 brings a whopping 160 GB of SSD disk space, 1600 GB of transfer, and 80 cPanel accounts. It will cost you $34.95 a month, but this is the best reseller hosting plan if you’re looking to start your own web hosting business, according to GreenGeeks.

For the latest and most up-to-date prices visit GreenGeek’s website.

GreenGeeks is best for beginners, website owners, and small businesses who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing web hosting performance. The company has two main goals: to offer a world-class web hosting experience (fast and secure) and to help website owners/companies create a positive impact on our environment.

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