How Social Disruption Drives Contact Center Fraud

In times of crisis, professional fraudsters react fast. They play on public fears, exploit overstretched systems, and take advantage of unusual times to camouflage suspicious behaviors.

In this free white paper, we’ll examine how this wave of disruption-driven fraud can impact customer contact centers. We’ll also explore how some CX leaders are taking advantage of emergent technologies such as biometrics and credibility authentication, to better protect their customers and their businesses during challenging times. Get It Now

Why Employees Must Take a Proactive Approach to Protect Workers’ Personal Information in a Post-Pandemic World

As employers and employees continue to opt for remote and hybrid work in a post-pandemic world, digital privacy protection, and potential security gaps, are increasingly important topics for many organizations. A recent BenefitsPRO Custom Solutions Study, sponsored by IDX, finds that 75% of employers are more concerned about organizational data breaches due to employees working remotely – and 62% are concerned about employees’ personal information being sold on the dark web. Geit It Now

How To Migrate From SAP Hybris/SAP Commerce Cloud

Many organizations are finding that their slow, hard-to-adapt monolithic platforms, like SAP Hybris and both versions of SAP Commerce Cloud, are stifling innovation. The only way out: move to another, a more flexible architecture based on microservices – like commercetools.

In this white paper, we will look at how to specifically re-platform from SAP Hybris and SAP Commerce Cloud to commercetools without interrupting daily business operations. We will take you through the necessary steps in the migration process, as well as how to build a migration roadmap, and migration data plan, and deal with custom extensions and user interfaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify if your SAP-based platform needs an upgrade.
  • In-depth differences between all the SAP versions and commercetools.
  • Detailed migration planning and execution steps.

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Reimagining Retail Commerce in a New Normal World

Downloaded by hundreds of executives, our 2017 white paper, “Reimagining Retail Commerce… with the Right Tools” offered an optimistic perspective on retailers’ growing concerns and challenges of adapting to advances in technology.

The white paper outlined how having the right technology could enable retailers to meet the new shopping habits of consumers, as well as offer practical tips and realistic recommendations. Five years later, amid worldwide economic disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized retailers needed an updated roadmap – one that takes into consideration new shopping habits formed by customers during the “new normal” of lockdowns and reopenings, and the emerging technologies that are driving retailer success. Get It Now

Unlock smarter voice experiences

Spoken interactions are extraordinarily powerful – whether via the phone or through digital channels. At their best, they let your customers express themselves with freedom and they allow your brand to respond in kind.

That’s why leading brands are reimagining their voice experiences—and driving new levels of efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction. So, where do you start with your voice transformation?

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Transform the banking experience with personalization

Five principles for boosting sales and CX, while reducing costs. Leading brands used to be built with advertising. Today, they’re built through powerful, personalized experiences. At their very best, personalized experiences combine business insights, human empathy, and technological innovation. They allow brands to recognize and serve their customers more efficiently while creating loyalty and trust— and additional revenue.

For more than 20 years Nuance has helped leading brands deliver personalized experiences through our AI-first approach; building better customer experiences, all around. Over the next few pages, we’ll explore the fundamentals of effective personalization and share five principles to guide your personalization initiatives—whether you’re trying to solve a specific business challenge like improving your conversion rates, or you’re simply looking to improve your customer’s experience.

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